World’s Fastest Growing Personal Development Brand Mindvalley Takes on $ 45.7 Billion Workplace Wellness Market


SAN FRANCISCO, February 19, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Award Winning Personal Growth Leader Valley of the Spirit has quadrupled its revenue since 2016 and is laser-focused on disrupting the global multibillion-dollar wellness industry. After investing millions in new programs, products and partnerships, Mindvalley announces its new platform, Mindvalley for business, and welcomes the former Zumba CMO Jeffrey Perlman as director of strategy to drive growth across all lines of business.

During his tenure at Zumba, Perlman was responsible for taking the fitness phenomenon from a small advertising product to the largest branded fitness program in the world. “I have been on the board of Mindvalley for two years and have come to understand that it will be one of the most important brands in the world. It often reminds me of the early days of Zumba, when we knew we had magic in a bottle, ”Perlman said. “Personal development is no longer a fringe activity. We all seek to improve every aspect of our lives and make an impact in the world.”

Mindvalley’s best transformation programs have already proven to have such an impact on individuals. One of the main drivers of recent growth is its proprietary edtech platform Quest, which recently launched as a subscription and is emerging as the benchmark for online education, with rates of 500% higher completion than traditional online webinars. areas of life including diet and health, biohacking, sleep, improving intuition, improving relationships, finding purpose in life (and much more). Over half a million students have transformed their lives through Mindvalley’s programs and 12 million followers across all of its marketing channels see Mindvalley as the primary source of improvement in many aspects of their lives.

“I created Mindvalley to help change lives and our growth exceeds my initial expectations. We have broken through the nuts and that is why we are the fastest growing personal development education platform and impactful, ”said the founder and CEO of Mindvalley. Vishen Lakhiani. “Switching to well-being at work is a natural evolution. Far too many people spend 70% of their waking hours in jobs that do not support their growth and it has been reported that work-related stress and mental illnesses now account for more than half of work absences. , leading to a mental health epidemic. We have proven programs that will change that. ”

Mindvalley for Business is an employee mentoring platform that provides training and tools that support the global workforce of more than three billion, many of whom suffer from stress, low motivation and stress. a lack of vision. Currently, over 60 leading employers such as Deloitte, PwC, Cisco, Duracell and Exxon Mobil have signed up to give employees access to content and programs from Mindvalley for Business.

Mindvalley is available in 195 countries and offers hundreds of hours of free content, all accessible on the Mindvalley website or app (iOS and Android). Visit and follow Mindvalley Talks, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for transformational content and news.

About Mindvalley, Inc.
Mindvalley is the world’s leading personal growth education company with a mission to teach wisdom and transformational ideas our education system ignores. We are creating a more aware and connected world by teaching people how to be the best version of themselves while doing good for the planet. Mindvalley’s learning platform called ‘Quest’ introduces a new way to learn that creates 5X better results in human transformation by combining cutting edge technology with great storytelling, brilliant teachers, theory. learning and community interaction. Mindvalley’s international community spans 195 countries and 12 million subscribers on its media channels and engages nearly half a million students on the Mindvalley learning platform each year with the goal of having impact a billion lives by 2038. Visit and follow us on Mindvalley Talks, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for life changing teachings.

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