Why We Hope The Deeply Human Love Story Will Continue Into The Sequel


Spoiler alert: Free Guy (2021)

The action hit of 2021 free guy is an exciting, fun, funny and emotionally powerful summer ride for audiences. Confirmation from Ryan Reynold that a second movie is coming soon, and quick confirmation of the announcement from meta-comedy writer Shawn Levy, seemed inevitable after the movie’s surprise success and potential for a follow-up. Still, the news comes as a relief to those of us who can’t wait to see Blue Shirt Guy continue his quest to discover the ultimate meaning of life and build a better world for his fellow NPCs; something we’d like someone to do for us (although we’re not video game characters, as far as we know)!


There’s a lot to love Free guy. It’s a fun, action-packed comedy with heart and a deep understanding of the philosophical issues that preoccupy many of us at this particular time in society. It discusses the ethics and possibilities of artificial intelligence, the usefulness of video games, the personal and spiritual truths within each of us that fuel the technology we develop, and the real and virtual worlds we create. Tonally, it’s just plain fun while seriously dealing with real and relatable existentialism. free guy the characters and themes emphasize individual development and heightened social need, which we could really use in the real world. It also turned out to be a pretty pivotal romance.

Here’s Everything We Loved About The Movie And What We Hope It Continues In Free Guy 2!

What makes Free Guy Worthy of a sequel

In the age of meta-movies that use the media itself to communicate messages to audiences, free guy is a great starter. In addition to Taika Waititi being hilarious himself, there was a lot about this movie that was nuanced, enjoyable, and provocative. Blue Shirt Guy’s acceptance of his status as a non-player character in a world dominated by the destructive whims of “real” players or living humans who enter the game to show greed, lust and violence unbridled, is intense and has a philosophical character. life outside of film.

Blue Shirt Guy, or just Guy, shouldn’t even be aware. He should not be aware of his existence, nor should he have the ability to make choices based on free will or deviate from the path programmed for him by spirits outside his world. Its developers eventually discover that it is the first example of sentient artificial intelligence. This catalyst gives free guy something exceptional to brag about when it comes to humans versus machines.

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Guy programmers Keys and Millie, played by the charming and endearing Joe Keery and Jodie Comer respectively, originally developed the code for Guy’s world, free city, with the intention of making it the first observation-only game. These programmers came together to try to create the first artificial intelligence by creating a game that could evolve and live on its own, to be strictly visited by outside players who were free to roam and observe the world but never d influence or interact.

In this way, Keys and Millie were sitting on the greatest invention in the history of computing: the first self-sustaining, self-evolving code. Unfortunately, they were student preyed upon by tech giant Antwan, played eccentrically by Taika Waititi, who bought their idea under false pretences and illegally repurposed it to create free city. It became a game with guns, ammo and a general Grand Theft Auto-pubescent type.

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Millie entered the game to try to prove that Antwan abused her and Keys’ code. Enter Blue Shirt Guy, who the moment he sees Millie free city character Molotov Girl, awakens and becomes a conscious and artificially intelligent entity. The day after Guy sees her, he is motivated to break his routine by wearing a different-style blue shirt and ordering a different kind of coffee, setting off a chain reaction to encourage other NPCs to fight back against the violence of the players and, well, make different types of coffee.

Keys eventually realizes that Guy woke up when he encountered Molotov Girl. Keys himself designed Guy to always seek love with a specific girl with particular tastes, quarks, and personality traits. Keys designed Guy to be in love with no one but Millie because Keys himself is in love with her and imbued the AI ​​engine with his affection for her by programming it to love it. Ultimately, Keys’ love for Millie spawns the world’s first artificially intelligent engine.

Exploring love all around us

Love is what makes the world go round, and the world of free guy is no exception. If Keys hadn’t loved Millie and built his life’s work around her, he never would have been motivated to create something that became the greatest technological breakthrough in history. free guy is, at its heart, a deeply human love story and, more importantly, the things that love allows us to do. Without it, we are just NPC zombies, wandering in a world without desires and without control.

If nothing else, we hope Free Guy 2 continues to explore the ways in which love manifests itself in the world. This includes the changes, new discoveries and sometimes the utter madness it is capable of causing.

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