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The words “critical thinking” appear frequently in job descriptions and on adjective lists for resume writing, so this is clearly a desirable characteristic.

To express our thoughts and ideas, we need to think clearly and systematically. Critical thinking skills range from observation, analysis, interpretation, thinking problem solving, among others.


Jean Marie Habimana, director of operations and partnerships for Ready for Reading, a local non-governmental organization in the Eastern Province, believes that critical thinking, above all, helps improve language and presentation.

He observes that by learning to analyze the logical structure of texts, critical thinking improves comprehension skills, adding that this can be of benefit to those who learn.

Whether it’s solving homework in class or dealing with real-world situations in society or the job market, Habimana says critical thinking is a valuable skill to master.

Habimana emphasizes that it is a tool that can be used to apply in any situation in life, especially analysis and planning.

“In the new knowledge economy, critical thinking is essential for any individual who aspires to growth and development. Consequently, having it is an additional advantage for his career and his development, ”he adds.

Meanwhile, various studies have revealed that the global knowledge economy is driven by information and technology, and for this reason one must be able to cope with changes quickly and effectively.

In addition, the new economy increasingly requires flexible intellectual skills and the ability to analyze information and integrate various sources of knowledge to solve problems. Good critical thinking promotes such thinking skills and is very important in a fast-paced workplace.

Erick Nizeyimana, a college student who pursues entrepreneurship, believes that when you think critically, you find creative solutions to problems. “You have to be a quick thinker, which ultimately will help promote creativity.

“When you are someone who thinks outside the box, it helps when it comes to creating and generating new ideas as it plays a crucial role in evaluating new concepts and modifying them if necessary,” says- he.

The student adds that critical thinking promotes independence, which can be useful for learners, as such skills foster a sense of independence.

On top of that, Nizeyimana says independent thinking skills are at the forefront of learning not only from a great thinker, but also from a great leader.

“As learners, it teaches us to make sense of the world based on personal experience and observation, and to make well-informed critical decisions in the same way. In the long run, it helps us gain confidence and learn from our mistakes while building successful and productive lives, ”he adds.

Critical thinking at work

Experts say that as an employee, critical thinking skills are a key skill in any workplace.

Fabienne Uwamahoro, a software businesswoman in Kigali, explains that critical thinking in the workplace helps employees solve problems and develop strategies that make them better at their jobs.

For this reason, she says, employers may seek to hire employees who have strong thinking skills.

For the success of any career, Uwamahoro says it is important to be critical as this is an essential facet of any profession where the goal is to assess information objectively and without party. taken. She notes that it also improves realistic solutions in her field and improves the decision-making process.

Habimana says critical thinking helps employees better understand themselves, their motivation, and their goals.

For example, he says, when someone searches for information to find what is important and apply it to their life, they can definitely change their situation and promote their personal development.

In order for someone to have the inherent ability to see challenges from multiple angles, they must be a critical thinker, Habimana says.

He adds that critical thinkers are more introspective and can change their minds and opinions in light of new information, which is essential in any organization.

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