Who is the real demon lord of this world?


The following contains spoilers for The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody Episode 10, “To the Battlefield of Old,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In episode 10 of The greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical person, “To the Battlefield of Old”, Ard, Ginny and Ireena continue their journey into a strange dimension that seems to mirror their own world’s past. In an effort to get closer to the Demon Lord Varvatos, the group participates in the Battle of the Plains of Aralia to prove themselves.

However, as the trio begin to learn more about their surroundings, it seems that all is not as simple as it seems. As Ard continues to have a deep understanding of the time period, nuances in the timeline begin to emerge. Here’s what’s been revealed about the Demon Lord and where Ard, Ginny and Ireena really are.

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Ard realizes he is in another dimension

In the previous episode, “According to a God”, Ard, Ginny and Ireena assumed that the mysterious deity transported them to the past. The landscapes, people, and events that unfold all resemble the distant time that Ard’s former self, Demon Lord Varvatos, lived through. However, as the trio spend more time in this world, Ard begins to notice particular differences that suggest this is not the timeline he has known before.

After defeating a powerful general at the Battle of the Plains of Aralia, Ard is finally allowed to meet Varvatos at his palace. Although Varvatos appears to be identical in appearance and personality to the character fans of the series have encountered through flashbacks, he is unaware of one crucial piece of information. When Ireena and Ginny refer to Varvatos as “The Demon Lord”, he is confused by this title and thinks he is not known by that name. Instead, another entity from that age became known as the Demon Lord.

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Verda Al-Hazard posits that the existence of a different Demon Lord suggests that the trio’s world history differs from the timeline of the dimension they currently find themselves in. Verda goes on to theorize that someone altered history and in doing so gave birth to the Demon Lord of that dimension. Since Verda’s rationale matches the statements of the so-called “God”, Ard insinuates that it is not Varvatos who is altering the timeline, but rather an unnamed entity with the same nickname.

Verda and Ard’s suspicions were proven to be correct when Mevilas the Accursed King, one of the highest ranking demons, had his head cut off by the Demon Lord. Since this encounter is completely different from Ard’s past experiences, it pretty much confirms that this world doesn’t experience the same timeline.

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Who could this new demon lord be?

As Ard, Lydia, and Sylphy eventually encounter this otherworldly demon lord, his identity is obscured. With the introduction of multiple worlds, dimensions, and timelines, this entity could literally be anyone or anything. However, there are a few possibilities that can be speculated.

The easiest and most likely option is that this is an entirely new character that fans of the show have never seen before. It could be someone Ard has had experience with in the past or a completely unique villain who should become a bigger part of the show. That said, the emphasis the show’s writers put on this character’s mysterious identity hints that it could be a familiar character.

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Previously, the biggest villain in the series was Elzard, the frantic King of Dragons. Since her swift defeat at the hands of Ard, there has been no sign of her despite several episodes that have cemented her immense power. While the Demon Lord appears to be male, it could be a disguise to confuse Ard. Although very little is known about this new Demon Lord, they seem to share a similar goal of destroying the world. Whether this is just lazy handwriting or a distinctive character trait remains to be seen.

Finally, the identity of the Demon Lord might not come as a surprise at all. Since there are multiple worlds, and therefore multiple Varvatos, the Demon Lord may well be exactly what Ard originally thought – a version of his past. While it might initially seem like a ridiculous proposition, it would be very fitting given the theme of this arc. It was hinted that the series would end with Ard battling his past, who seems to be the only character who might have a chance to match his magical prowess.

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Whoever this masked villain is, he seems to be incredibly powerful. So far, that hasn’t really meant much, as Ard has been able to handle every opponent he’s faced. However, this might be the first time he meets his match. In the previous episode, Ard’s fight with Lydia Beginsgate proved that you can land a few punches, so hopefully the Demon Lord holds his own long enough to provide some interesting fight sequences.

Fortunately, after several outdated episodes, the series seems to be picking up the pace. So far, this storyline has offered a bit more depth than previous installments, which will hopefully lead to an exciting conclusion to this season. While Ard, Ginny, and Ireena remain largely devoid of any distinctive personality traits, this arc’s introduction has at least begun to develop. The greatest demon lord is reborn as a typical personof the world.


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