Which X-Men Character Are You Based On Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?


Being a member of the X-Men in Marvel Comics means more than just being a superhero on a team. These heroes are nothing but mutants, making them one of the most feared and despised heroes in the world. With the creation of the mutant island of Krakoa in the comics, the team also no longer consists of mutant heroes fighting mutant villains, as there are few true villains in Krakoa.

This means anyone and everyone could and probably have been a member of the X-Men. These mutants come in all shapes and sizes, with some characters very heroic, others violent and dangerous, and others simply boastful and arrogant. This means that there is an X-Men member for each Chinese zodiac sign.


12 Rat – Gambit

Gambit fighting Deadpool in Marvel Comics

Gambit got his start as a thief, working within the Thieves Guild where he was as untrustworthy as a character could be. However, despite this, he still managed to convince people to give him a chance, follow him, and look away when he robbed them blind.

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As a member of the X-Men, he was a trusted ally until his role in the Mutant Slaughter that killed hundreds of Morlocks was discovered. Despite this, he was able to get back into their good graces thanks to his charm, intelligence, and persuasive personality, all Rat traits.

11 Ox – Colossus

Kitty saves Colossus after he dies.

Looking at Colossus, it’s clear that he has the size and shape of someone who might be considered an ox, but he also has the personality traits of the Ox Chinese zodiac sign. An Ox is patient, kind, stubborn and conservative, which accurately describes the great Russian mutant.

Colossus is as patient and kind as any member of the X-Men and is someone who would normally rather paint and relax than fight. However, he is also extremely stubborn, almost wrongly, and this is especially problematic when he is wrong thanks to his more conservative nature.

ten Tiger – Cyclops

If there’s one X-Men member considered the perfect leader, it’s Cyclops. When the team first formed, it was Cyclops who was the designated field leader and he was the man Professor X looked to when it came to following his ideals and his vision.

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The Chinese zodiac sign Tiger is the perfect one for leaders, as the traits it signifies are a bossy nature mixed with an intense and courageous personality. As the man who most often leads the X-Men into battle, Scott is a perfect tiger.

9 Rabbit – Kitty Pryde

Kate Pryde takes revenge on Sebastian Shaw

When Kitty Pryde joined the X-Men, she was the youngest student in Marvel Comics history and the youngest member of the team. This made her immature and easily influenced, and it also helped bring some fun to the mostly austere team of mutants. However, as she grew older, she became a strong leader herself.

For the signs of the Chinese zodiac, Kate Pryde corresponds to the sign of the Rabbit. It means someone who is compassionate and sincere, which she is until someone crosses her path. Kate leads the Marauders, a group of mutants who protect the people of Madripoor who cannot protect themselves.

8 Dragon – Professor X

Professor X in the comics

Professor Charles Xavier is the man who created the X-Men to facilitate mutants’ ability to live peacefully with humans. Unlike Magneto, who didn’t think it was possible, his dream was to use his X-Men to save humans and eventually find a utopia. Professor X has since learned that this was never possible as he helped create Krakoa.

The Dragon possesses many of the traits that Professor X possessed, traits that made him the leader able to also co-exist with other heroes and even humans behind the scenes. These traits included being charismatic and, at least, outwardly warm. He is also a fearless leader who remains tireless in his pursuits.

7 Snake – Emma Frost

Emma Frost with an angry expression.

Emma Frost started out as a major X-Men villain. She was a member of the Hellfire Club, then started her own rival school, where she trained the Hellions to become the most dangerous and antagonistic version of the New Mutants. It was when her team died that she saw the error of her ways and joined the X-Men.

However, she has proven herself untrustworthy more than once and even started a war with the Inhumans. She is, basically, a serpent. The Chinese zodiac sign for Snake describes someone who is charming, gregarious, and intelligent, all traits that have made Emma a force to be reckoned with.

6 Horse – Beast

Beast X-Men

No mutant has changed as much as Beast over the years. When he first appeared, he was the carefree prankster who was always there to throw one-liners. Even though he hated himself, he kept his sense of humor with the Avengers and the X-Men. However, he is now one of the darkest X-Men, someone with almost no morals.

It shares the trait with the Chinese zodiac symbol Horse. Beast is an independent and impatient man, someone who will do almost anything to achieve his goals, even if it means rushing towards his goal without worrying about hurting others.

5 Goat/Sheep – Ice-Man

Ice-Man is another original member of the X-Men, and he was always the youngest until Kitty Pryde showed up years later. He was, therefore, one of the most immature and innocent of the original team. Over the years, Ice-Man has also grown a lot and grown cold, losing much of his wide-eyed innocence.

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Even with the dark toning at times, it still shares the trait of the sheep. He is often shy and kind, although he becomes increasingly violent when someone hurts someone he cares about.

4 Monkey – Imp

Diablo X-Men Dark Ages

Nightcrawler has gone through many interactions over the years in the X-Men comics. He started out as a demonic-looking mutant, who possessed more self-loathing than any other thanks to his Catholic upbringing. He later became a fun-loving swordsman before taking on the role of a prophet in Krakoa.

For Chinese zodiac signs, Nightcrawler is Monkey. He is sometimes fun and energetic, as shown by his time as a swordsman. Even in his days of self-loathing and prophecy, he’s still someone who walks in and out, still there as one of the X-Men’s most energetic mutants.

3 Rooster – Storm

Next to Cyclops, the greatest X-Men leader in history is Storm. She took his place as leader of the All-New X-Men and defeated him in a battle to take that spot. She also took over the leadership of the Morlocks, defeating Calisto in the same way.

Storm’s biggest trait is that she believes in herself and doesn’t suffer from anyone. This aligns him with the Rooster, who is an independent, practical, hard-working person. However, she is also very observant, making her a better team leader than even Cyclops, who was often narrow-minded.

2 Dog – Wolverine

Angry Wolverine with his claws out

The most popular member of the X-Men has been Wolverine since he first joined them. It’s probably because he was always antagonistic, never took orders well, and often did things that no other hero would do to end a threat. Wolverine is also one of Marvel Comics’ most confident mutants.

Based on the traits of Chinese zodiac symbols, Wolverine best matches Dog. He’s a patient and diligent person, and Wolverine isn’t someone who will rush into battle not knowing what he’s getting into. It is also the trait of loyal and kind people, and although Wolverine is violent, he does so to protect those he loves.

1 Pig – Jean Gray

X-Men Gray Jeans

Jean Gray is an original member of the X-Men, the team’s first female in the comics and considered one of the greatest female heroines in Marvel Comics history. She is extremely powerful, especially with her Phoenix Force combo and unparalleled mental telepathy powers. She’s also kind and considerate, someone who had a school named after her after one of her deaths.

Jean corresponds to the Chinese zodiac symbol of the pig. He is a loving and tolerant person, and Jean has proven to be the only member of the X-Men that the others turn to when in need of help. She is also one of the most honest X-Men members based on her own past relationship with Deceivers, another Pig trait.

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