Which X-Men Character Are You, According To Your Enneagram Type?


As the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to expand with new characters and factions, many fans have been waiting for the appearance of one of Marvel Comics’ most important groups: the X-Men. The X-Men are unlike almost every other superhero team in Marvel Comics. This is because they are not a team that only exists to stop criminals, they are social justice reformers and a group of individuals who find themselves persecuted every step of the way. This makes their fate and purpose more important than a team like The Avengers.

The X-Men’s mutants are now also part of their own society, living on the island nation of Krakoa. This makes them more than superheroes and they exist in a world of drama, betrayal and intrigue, where every character has a purpose. It’s worth looking at where the characters fit on the traits provided by the Enneagram Institute.


Professor X – The Reformer

Professor X in his chair looks serious in Marvel Comics.

Professor X created the X-Men as a team he hoped could change the world’s opinion of mutants. He knew the hatred and fear humans had of mutants, so he believed his team could stop the bad guys and protect the humans, bridge that gap and build trust.

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While that ideal failed and humans never stopped hating mutants, Professor X often continued to fight for his goals, a sign of a true reformer. He is idealistic and principled and has always led his school and team with a purpose greater than himself.

Kate Pryde – The Help

Emma Frost Kate Pryde Kitty X-Men

Kitty Pryde went from being the youngest member of the X-Men to leading her own team as an adult, as Kate Pryde. She was always seen as the helper when it comes to enneagram types, someone who was happily ready to go into battle.

Now as leader of the Mauraders, she’s become an interpersonal and demonstrative mutant hero, someone who’s willing to help those who can’t help themselves, generous with her time, but possessive of her place in the world. world of mutants.

Beast – The Director

The beast has changed a lot over the years. When he started out, he was mostly a strong man who liked to crack jokes and was the life of the party. Even when he accidentally turned blue and furry, he retained his sense of humor. That has changed and he is now a pessimistic X-Men member who is sometimes close to the antagonist.

As for his enneagram type, Beast is the director. He is success-oriented and pragmatic. He will do anything – moral or otherwise – to achieve his goals and is driven to believe that the end always justifies the means.

Gambit – The Individualist

Gambit by throwing a card in Marvel Comics

Gambit is the X-Men’s loner, someone who has often lived in obscurity as the leader of the Thieves Guild. Although he is argumentative and often antagonistic even towards his friends, he is also a sensitive man and that is often why he rages – in a proactive defense of himself.

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As for his Enneagram type, that fits well with the individualist. It is expressive and sometimes overly dramatic. He is also temperamental and self-centered, which fits perfectly with this specific type.

Multiple Man – The Investigator

Jamie Madrox and his doubles running into battle.

Jamie Madrox, the multiple man, quickly fits into the Enneagram type of investigator. It’s because that’s who he is as a mutant. X-Factor was, at first, the original X-Men pretending to be a team that hunted down mutants but actually existed to save them.

When they broke up, Jamie bought the X-Factor name and rebranded them as real private detectives, of which he was the head. He fit the role perfectly as a brainy, innovative mutant who could solve crimes with the best of them.

Cyclops – The Loyalist

Generic photo of Cyclops

When he began his career with the X-Men, Scott Summers was Professor X’s smartest and most loyal student. He was an instant leader and took that role seriously. He often clashed with other X-Men because he believed in one thing – to follow Professor X’s ideals at all costs.

Even when Cyclops changed and became a mutant martyr after Phoenix possessed him, he still did so with intense loyalty to what the mutant cause needed in his eyes. He was always the most committed and suspicious mutant and that made him the perfect leader.

Ice-Man – The Enthusiast

Ice-Man was the youngest of the original X-Men, and he was always one of the easiest and funniest members of the team. Even in his later years, when he grew a little more anxious, he was still far less serious than his contemporaries.

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This fits well with the enneagram type of the enthusiast. He’s a fun, spontaneous person, who’s Ice-Man to a tee. He’s also a versatile guy, which Ice-Man is with his powers, and distracted, which is often his downfall.

Wolverine – The Challenger

Wolverine sitting with an angry expression and bullet holes in the chest

When Wolverine joined the X-Men, he was unlike any other member of the team. He wasn’t a team player, he didn’t care who the boss was or what they wanted him to do. Sometimes he seemed to only care about himself, but he proved time and time again that he didn’t.

To his Enneagram type, Wolverine is the Challenger. He is a powerful and dominant member of the X-Men – probably more so than anyone who has ever served on the team. He is also confident and confrontational and fits every description without variation.

Jean Gray – The Peacemaker

X-Men Gray Jeans

Jean Gray was the first female to join the X-Men, coming to the team as a teenager and joining a group that already had four male members. She became one of the most respected superheroines in the world, aside from when she found herself possessed by Phoenix.

On her own, Jean Gray is the peacemaker of the Enneagram types. She’s mostly easy-going, but she’s also someone who will stand up for those closest to her while keeping her teammates in line. She is receptive to ideas and reassuring. However, she slips out of this guy when pushed too far.

Magneto – The Challenger

Magneto's trail.

Much like Wolverine, Magneto is also the challenger when it comes to his enneagram type. However, unlike Wolverine, this is often not for the benefit of others as Magneto has his own goals and desires which often overshadow his being a member of a team like the X-Men.

Magneto is powerful and dominant, as he proved when leading his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, often winning their loyalty through sheer willpower. He’s confident to the end, believing in himself even when he’s walked on the wrong side of history. He’s also overly confrontational, making him as powerful a villain as he’s ever been a hero.

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