Which original character are you according to your zodiac sign?


The originals offers fans a variety of characters that follow different personality types and lifestyles. While some are ruthless and fiery, others are hardworking and determined. These characters can be categorized based on their zodiac sign and the traits that seem to match them best.

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For fans who want to feel a stronger connection with their favorite character, thinking of them by their zodiac sign can help characters understand how and why they make the decisions they make. And seeing which character fits each fan might just explain favorite and least favorite characters.


Aries: Hayley

Aries are born leaders, building strong communities with their determination and confidence. It’s a perfect summary of Hayley, who becomes one of the leading figures in the supernatural community of New Orleans by leading the werewolves with strength and compassion, as well as forming strong bonds with the leaders of each of the other factions.

Aries fans can be impulsive and hot-tempered at times, like Hayley, but their main goal is to build something bigger than themselves, following their passions and hope to create a better world for the people around them. . They can be proud of the werewolf queen who represents them because she shows how spectacular Aries can be.

Taurus: Rebekah

Rebekah sits on a chair in The Originals

Rebekah is ruled by love, as are most Taurus, desiring to give and receive love freely and openly. Despite being hurt many times by lovers and brothers, Rebekah always approaches each new situation with optimism, certain that if she gives enough of herself, she will eventually reclaim the love she deserves. .

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Taurus fans can be counted on to always be there when needed and to respond to genuine offers of friendship with the love and affection they wish to receive. Like Rebekah, they are powerful, showing that being romantic at heart doesn’t make anyone weak.

Gemini: Kol

kol mikaelson the originals

Kol best represents Gemini, being one of the most social and well-rounded Mikaelsons. He has a variety of interests and demonstrates a passion for both his vampire side and his old witch side, often finding himself more comfortable around witches than vampires. He is one of the only characters to constantly socialize outside of his faction.

Like Kol, Gemini fans can be a little inconsistent, but are always social and energetic, devoting themselves to whatever interests they are currently obsessed with. They have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to their interests and their friends, and tend to multitask better than anyone else.

Cancer: Camille

Camille O'Connell watches something off-screen in The Originals

Camille represents Cancer well as a deeply emotional and loyal person who is willing to stick with Klaus long enough to see what’s to love about him. Her background in psychology makes her extremely sensitive to the emotions of those around her, and she does her best to help those she feels need extra help.

Like Cami, Cancers tend to be sympathetic caregiver types, fighting hard for the people they care about. They can get a little moody at times, but that’s only because they’re natural empaths, and sometimes that can be too much.

Leo: Klaus

Klaus is a creative soul, and someone who wants all the love and respect he can get from him. He enjoys connecting with others, wanting to find friends and family who love him even though they really know him. Klaus has a good heart but hides it behind violence because he is afraid of hurting himself.

Like Klaus, Leo fans have hidden vulnerabilities that they’ll do anything to protect, putting on airs and exaggerating the more outgoing sides of their personality to thrive, even when they’re unsafe. They have the courage to keep trying, but also the instinct for self-preservation that leads them to erect walls between themselves and others.

Virgo: Elijah

Elijah is first and foremost loyal. He tries to be practical and follows a code when dealing with others, a code that is about standards of cleanliness and keeping promises.

This makes him the perfect representative of Virgos. Virgos are hardworking and want to help those around them. Elijah won’t abandon his brother, and neither will Virgos abandon their friends. They can become self-righteous when others don’t follow the same code as them but are generally kind and open to others.

Libra: Freya

Freya Mikealson in The Originals

Freya has always wanted to be part of the Mikaelson family, so when she gets the chance, she soaks up the experience. She surrounds herself with things and people that make her happy. Freya is one of the more cooperative Mikaelsons, working with members of every faction in New Orleans to get what she wants.

Like Freya, Libra fans find relationships to be the most important things in their lives and will do anything to maintain them. This can cause them to hold serious grudges against those who don’t act the same, but generally makes them loyal and social.

Scorpio: Marcel

Scorpios are known for waiting for the right moment to strike and get what they want, traits that made Marcel such a dangerous villain. He shows this side of himself during his multiple attempts to free himself from Klaus. Marcel is resourceful and powerful, gathering allies and strength until everything is ready for him to claim what he wants.

Like Marcel, Scorpio fans are empathetic and engaged with the people around them. They can be manipulative with their people to get what they want, but will reward those who prove themselves worthy.

Sagittarius: Hope

Hope casts a spell in The Originals

Hope combines her mother’s adaptability and her father’s passion, creating a mix that is hard to stop. She is generous with her time when others need her and has an ideal view of the world. However, she has already been badly hurt, so she is more willing to get into her passion projects than into her relationships with others.

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Other Sagittarians often have a good sense of humor as a result of their mixed traits. They can be a little intense in pursuit of what they want, but generally they will only go for something if it is for the benefit of more than themselves.

Capricorn: Josh

Josh is Marcel’s right-hand man, growing from an easily fooled new vampire to a trusted ally. This is because he is dependable and self-controlling, takes care of business, and sticks to his instincts about who to trust and how much of himself to give them.

Like Josh, Capricorn fans are resilient to the circumstances around them, absorbing the blows and moving forward to continue thriving. They tend to expect the worst, based on past experiences, which alienates them from others until life shows them they have reason to hope.

Aquarius: Jackson

Aquarians tend to want to bring about drastic change in the world, and Jackson embodies that ideal, wanting to create a world where werewolves have real power to live the life they want. He is hurt that Hayley is so different from what he expected, but he accepts her as she is and dedicates himself to her and Hope with similar passion.

Like Jackson, Aquarius fans are focused on a change in their world. They can sometimes be alienated from their friends because they focus on their priorities to the exclusion of everything else. They tend to be strong leaders with unique thought processes, capable of building the world they see in their minds.

Pisces: Davina

davina claire the originals

Davina can learn from those older than her, namely Marcel and Kol, to avoid making the same mistakes they did. She is compassionate and wise, learning lessons from those who share their mistakes with her and making better, more innovative decisions moving forward.

Like Davina, Pisces fans have a strong sense of intuition, learn from others, and do better. They tend to be artistic or musical, appreciating what goes beyond what is in front of them. They should be proud to be represented by such a powerful and kind figure.

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