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Meat golf, angry doormen and sculptures that suddenly caught fire are just some of the staples of the Nickelodeon original. iCarly series. While the revival of the series has moved to the streaming service, Paramount Plus, to focus on the characters as adults, the silliness of the original series remains intact.

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Although the series has previously featured a character following the instructions of a magic eight ball, zodiac signs and horoscopes aren’t something the cast of characters tend to place much emphasis on. It’s just from the few canon anniversaries that audiences know of the characters. do not fully match their most suitable zodiac signs.


Aries: Sam

Jennette McCurdy as Sam

Sam is one of the few iCarly characters whose birthday is known. Born on April 17, canonically, she would be Aries. This sign is actually a pretty good choice for her.

Aries are known to be impulsive and passionate. This is the sign that takes action without worrying about the consequences. Although Sam does not appear in the revival, audiences see in the original series that Sam often causes Carly and Freddie to worry about the consequences for her. His passion also manifests in a fierce loyalty to his friends, a love for mixed martial arts, and a desire to make the web show memorable for audiences.

Taurus: Lewbert

Lewbert in court in iCarly revival

Lewbert is one of many antagonists the main characters face in the original series. The doorman to the building in which Carly, Spencer, and Freddie live, Lewbert is incredibly strict and has little tolerance for the antics that result from Carly’s webcast.

Lewbert is a pretty extreme example of a Taurus put in his own way. Taurus is the sign that offers the most stability. Those born of it are often considered stubborn because they are creatures of habit who like to stick to a routine. When this routine is interrupted, they may find it difficult to adapt to the sudden changes, just as Lewbert is often confused by Carly’s shenanigans.

Gemini: Melanie

Melanie and Sam in the elevator in iCarly

Melanie only appears in a handful of episodes of the show, and as Sam’s twin, they should have the same zodiac sign. Sam and Melanie, however, couldn’t be more different. While Sam is initially hostile to new acquaintances, Melanie quickly welcomes them.

Her charm and willingness to venture into new social settings with little incentive aligns her very much with the Gemini zodiac. Melanie puts up with Sam’s hostility good-naturedly, gets along well with Carly and Spencer, and even tries to seduce Freddie during his few appearances.

Cancer: Freddy

With a birthday on February 4 in the series, Freddie should be an Aquarius. He’s not quite the same free spirit as an Aquarius, though, and his tendency to be more in touch with his emotions than the rest of his friends makes Cancer a better fit.

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Cancers often put up walls when they first meet people, but they quickly see the good in people and open up once they trust them. They’re also more willing to express their emotions, which Freddie certainly never has a problem with on the show, whether it’s his crush on one of his friends or his anger at bullies.

Leo: Gibby

Gibby holds a model of his own head in iCarly

Leos are the party animals of the zodiac. They like to be the center of attention and have a good time. It fits perfectly with Gibby, who went from a visiting classmate to a regular member of the iCarly team, who always had to be in the thick of the action.

The Lions are also very loyal and Gibby takes his friendship with the iCarly team very seriously, always there when they need him and not easily forgiving when they forget him.

Virgo: Carly

Miranda Cosgrove iCarly reboots

With a birthday on July 24, Carly should actually be a Leo on the show. While forming a webcast with her BFF might be a pretty Leo trait, Carly actually suits a Virgo better. It is Carly who takes on the planning duties associated with the show, working out the segments in advance and gaining approval from Freddie and Sam.

Carly is also her group’s “mom friend”, taking care of all of her friends when they are in trouble. She’s the one who tries to get them to talk about their problems, makes sure Sam eats something other than fried chicken and ham, and stops arguments between Sam and Freddie when it gets too far. Carly’s planning and nurturing are definite traits of a Virgo.

Libra: Harper

Harper works on a garment over the phone in iCarly's revival

Introduced in the revival series, Harper is Carly’s college roommate, who becomes one of her best friends. She certainly has the charm and adaptability of a Gemini, rolling with the changes in her life when she’s no longer the wealthy heiress she grew up with, but these traits are also among Gemini’s dominant personality traits. the balance.

Libras also tend to show a lot of leadership qualities while working best in a partnership. That’s part of the reason Harper and Carly get along so well. They could both be strong leaders, but Harper can share Carly’s plans.

Scorpio: Mrs. Benson

Ms. Benson speaks in the Shay Lounge at iCarly

Ms. Benson’s tendency to plan for every possible emergency would make many fans think she was a Virgo. Her motherhood gets pretty stuffy for Freddie when he’s in high school, and Mrs. Benson has a lot more Scorpio in her, too.

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Scorpios are aggressive in their approach to getting what they want in life. Her desire to keep her son safe and close definitely turns aggressive, especially with his friends. She even becomes confrontational with Sam, despite the age difference between them. Scorpios are also very good at hiding things. Although Mrs. Benson is more than willing to talk about Freddie all day, every day, she doesn’t reveal much about herself or Freddie’s father.

Sagittarius: Wendy

Wendy holds a mug at a birthday party at iCarly

Fans of the original iCarly series could remember Wendy. A classmate of Sam, Freddie, and Carly, Wendy is something of a chameleon, changing styles and social groups as the show progresses. She’s not an integral part of the show, but fans can learn a lot about her from her sporadic appearances.

Wendy spends her school years discovering herself. She goes from being one of the kids who sides with Sam in a fight to being one of the most popular kids, showing a Sagittarius’ sense of wanderlust without the actual displacement. She’s also incredibly outspoken, never beating around the bush when she’s in a scene, much like a Sagittarius never hides from the truth.

Capricorn: Nevel

Nevel wears a silver suit and holds a remote control in iCarly's revival

Nevel spends much of the original series as Carly’s biggest rival for internet stardom. He has his own web show and works incredibly hard to make it the best one – though his hard work usually comes in the form of sabotaging Carly instead of his own show.

Nevel’s hard work, ambition and creativity lean towards the sign of Capricorn. Capricorns are constantly setting goals and working to achieve them.

Aquarius: Millicent

iCarly Millicent

Millicent is another new addition to the revival series. Freddie’s stepdaughter, she is incredibly stubborn and knows what she wants. Her desire to be a popular internet personality might piss Carly off at times, but she has a passion similar to Sam’s when it comes to living her life.

Millicent is definitely a good fit for an Aquarius. The passion of an Aries, but the free spirit of a Sagittarius is exactly what she appears in the new series.

Pisces: Spencer

Spencer stands with Carly in iCarly's revival

Dreamers of the zodiac, Pisces is often perceived as someone who does not quite live in reality. Spencer’s life as an artist certainly qualifies, but he also has the creative nature of a Pisces and is as in touch with his emotions as the sign.

Spencer can sometimes hide his worries from his little sister, and he can escape into his art or into a particularly fun video game once in a while. However, he also shares his creativity with the world by showcasing his work in exhibitions.

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