Virtunus Productivity App Launches Virtunus Tips, Aims To Make Personal Development Effortless


One of the secrets to success is that it comes from a combination of persistence and routine. And it’s not always easy to persevere or stick to a productive routine. The proliferation of social media and internet entertainment has made it doubly difficult to focus and stay on track. People regularly struggle with their social media addiction. Online cat videos often create a tension between our intention to do important things and indulge in frivolous activities.

Dhaka and US-based tech startup Virtunus says it has designed a product to meet this challenge: Virtunus offers tips for maintaining a productive and efficient lifestyle, and the ability to follow in the footsteps of personalities to success. Virtunus created a productivity app to simplify the way people manage their personal and professional lives online with the ambition of helping people be more productive. The company’s productivity app, still in beta, will compete with popular productivity apps like Todoist, Any do, and similar apps.

As part of its bigger ambition, Virtunus launched Virtunas Tips, a social media platform for people interested in productivity and aiming to do more.


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