Upsilon’s “Own Your Story” Campaign Announces Launch in Indian Fragrance Market: Best Media Info


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Upsilon recently launched its launch campaign by announcing the presence of actor Gagan Arora.

The ‘Own Your Story’ campaign encourages men to be confident and embrace their journey.

The campaign consists of digital video ads (DVC) and Arora plays the lead role. In one of the DVCs, Arora prepares for sports while wearing the Upsilon fragrance; in another, he’s confident of meeting his date on a bike after wearing Upsilon and in the last, he gains the confidence to dance with his boss at the party.

Integrated communications agency Zero Gravity Communications provided end-to-end campaign management from conceptualization to execution.

Neeraj Bhensdadia, co-founder of Upsilon, said, “The ‘Own Your Story’ campaign aims to connect with men of all age groups, each with unique personality traits. This encourages them to be open-minded to attract attention. Its innovative storyline is sure to strike a chord with our millennial audience. Inspired by a Greek alphabet, transliterated as “U”, we at Upsilon strive to show that the path for everyone is a two-way street. This is an opportunity for them to take the path that will bring out the best in them. While they do, our handcrafted elixirs allow them to tell their story with confidence and charm.”

“When Neeraj and his team approached us, their mandate was clear: to come up with a distinct positioning for the fragrance that resonates with millennial audiences. attention to Upsilon, hence this approach,” said Khushboo Solanki Sharma, Founder of Zero Gravity Communications.

The campaign launches Upsilon’s three fragrances – Wild Blue, Golden Sand and Shooting Star for men.

These fragrances are specially designed for everyday events, sportswear and party wear respectively. The DVCs were conceptualized with these occasions in mind.

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