Top biotech venture capitalists in 2021 based on IPO investments



  • Insider analyzed over 90 IPOs to find the top venture capitalists that led biotech in 2021.
  • Arch, Novo Holdings and Flagship Pioneering lead the list with over $ 1 billion in equity.
  • Several companies have already raised new funds and established investment plans for the next year.

The biotechnology market has set a record of the number of IPOs in 2021.

More than 90 companies have gone public, up from 81 in 2020 and 49 in 2019, according to analysts at SVB Leerink. So far, the companies have raised a total of $ 12.2 billion in capital.

Hundreds of investors funded these companies while they were private, and they had significant stakes when the companies went public. Insider analyzed company filings to identify the venture capitalists that have shaped these biotechs and are positioned to build on their success in 2022.

Eighteen companies held shares worth $ 400 million or more in biotech companies that went public this year. Six large companies held more than $ 1 billion in equity: Arch Venture Partners, Novo Holdings, Flagship Pioneering, RA Capital Management, Perceptive Advisors and SoftBank.

Some VCs are betting on a range of startups, like RA Capital, which had significant stakes in 18 companies that went public in 2021. some investments. For example, Flagship Pioneering, ranked third, was only led by two IPOs in 2021.

The analysis focused on 93 biotechs listed on IPO trackers managed by BioPharma Diving and Terminal news to December 6. Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, or SAVS, were not included in holdings due to different disclosure requirements, but were noted in our assessment of CVs. The investments we included were those disclosed in filings by the S-1 company, and the value of holdings was based on the initial price of the companies at the time of their IPOs. This analysis did not track how each VC handled their position after the IPO, such as buying or selling stocks.

Here are the 18 investors who will shape biotechnology in 2022, classified according to the value of their holdings:



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