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Even help you finish your masters

Online distance learning (ODL) has proven to be quite a challenge. And with the world going through ups and downs when it comes to COVID-19, it looks like ODL will be the platform of choice in the meantime., an online Edtech platform, continues to empower students as they go through this difficult phase of our lives. The organization has relaunched its website, making sure it is more user-friendly and inspiring for more Filipinos to complete their education no matter what scenario they find themselves in.

And this overhaul has worked well with increased engagement, with the number of registered users doubling to a total of 800,000 students to date. On site, you can consult information on education, internships and personal development.

Founder Henry Monte-Muñoz told Manila Lifestyle Bulletin, “We really focused on creating high quality, relevant, engaging content with completely free features. Over 2,000 free online articles for registered users, they also offer free quizzes to help users determine what the next steps should be, such as short courses to take.

The next step

In the range there are premium features, Muñoz tells us more about it below. “So for the first step, which is to get to know me better, we are teaming up with some of the leading assessment providers in the world to come up with a premium assessment with a much longer quiz. ”

The second step is to explore options with counselors and career development professionals. “We will offer tailor-made individual sessions. You know, for parents and kids who want to review the results of an assessment. It kind of gives you a few options and then you can actually work with a professional to interpret it. These professionals have 5 to 30 years of experience in career counseling.

The third step is to perfect yourself. “We have a team that searches for the best premium courses and we organize them for Filipino parents and their child. “

For ages 12 and over

Muñoz also adds that children as young as 12 can log in and register. “That’s when you start making decisions, like, ‘I’m in college. I should start thinking about what I’m going to have to do. So 12+ is sort of where we usually see traction. “

From there, it peaks between 16 and 20 years. “Early in college and towards the end of college, you’re going to tend to have a better idea of ​​what to do, so the peak is kind of like maybe mid-teens.

But aside from those who dream of finishing their university education, also offers advice for those who want to undertake masters and doctorates, and even study abroad. “I think 20% of our traffic is over 25 years old. The oldest is probably in his forties. We also have parents looking for their children. The organization listens to all who want a better life for each Flipino, including indirect individuals such as parents and guardians.

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