The quiz finds the plants that match your personality and helps you choose the perfect potted pal for your home

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Are you a qualified botanist or weedkiller? A new quiz could help you discover which plants match your personality, giving you results that could help you choose your next leafy housemate.

The question set was created to help those struggling to keep a plant alive but hoping to gain a green thumb in the future.

The developers worked with gardening guru Kate Turner to reveal the perfect pairing of plants based on their unique qualities, taking into account personality traits such as caring, busy, outgoing or loving a challenge.

The quiz follows a survey of 2,000 adults and found more than a fifth (22%) struggled to keep plants alive, although 60% felt more relaxed when around them .

As a result, 77% would like to know more about which plants best suit their personality and lifestyle.

The research, commissioned by Miracle-Gro, found that around half of those surveyed felt productive around plants and reported a positive impact on their mental health.

But when it comes to buying a new plant, most people base their choice on its ease of care (56%), color (47%) and size (39%).

“Clearly we love plants, indoors and outdoors, but we often struggle to keep them alive,” Turner said.

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It’s easy to assume that all plants need the same care, but they can be very different, often resulting in mistakes and sad leaves. More than half of adults admitted to killing an average of five houseplants. Overwatering was the most common cause, while 41% believe they didn’t water them enough.

The fun and informative quiz was created to make it easy for these people to match their lifestyle with suitable plants.

“There is something for everyone, whether they are night owls, home workers or parents.”

The poll also found that most people are aware of the benefits of plants, including improving air quality, but half of those polled via OnePoll would like to know more about caring for different plants.

Two-thirds of respondents currently own an average of six indoor plants each, but 47% would like to own more greenery.

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“As plants vary so much in the level of care required, there truly is a perfect plant for everyone, whether you are particularly busy and forgetful, or have time to care for the more delicate varieties.

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