The Global Fund for Development Planning – WFDP with Special Consultative Status on the United Nations ECOSOC list appoints Dr. Dinesh Sabnis as India’s Peace Envoy.


Global Development and Planning Fund – WFDP is an intergovernmental organization that has entered into a multilateral agreement and was granted Special Consultative Status with the United Nations – ECOSOC in 2021. WFDP aims to develop communities and nations and plan a promising future, as every human being human beings have the right to a decent life, which is the key to all human development. In addition to opening the door and expanding opportunities for innovation, promoting peace, democracy and economic growth, it will be a turning point for the eradication of poverty, the fight against illiteracy, the improving education and health care.

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis has been offered the position of India Peace Envoy by WFDP, given his vast experience in education, sports, health, youth development and mediation for peace. The appointment of Dr. Sabnis to WFDP will be a great support in the development of various projects related to education, sports promotion, health promotion, women empowerment and economic development in the sub- Indian continent. This appointment was officially granted to Dr. Sabnis by the Honorable President of the WFDP, Mr. Ekramy El Zaghat, who is also the official representative to the United Nations for matters relating to the WFDP.

Dr. Dinesh Sabnis has personal experience and is on leadership positions in various international organizations that are listed in the United Nations with General Consultative Status. He is also a recipient of Rajya Puraskar (State Award-Government of Maharashtra) and Atal National Award in Education and Sports. Recently, Dr. Sabnis received the Commemorative Peace Medal on the occasion of the International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers, celebrated on May 30, 2022 by the Association of Veterans of Peacekeepers “Soldiers of Peace – AISP SPIA at the United Nations Office at Geneva. This medal was awarded to Dr. Dinesh Sabnis for his distinguished performance in the Nobel Peace cause to achieve a better world by serving in the name of justice, international law and social progress.

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