The future of clinical staff development planning


In an industry where technology has advanced the methods and speed of conducting clinical trials, organizational leaders in the life sciences industry understand the importance of continuously assessing the impact of this complex evolution on the effective and successful management of their organization’s clinical trials from a design as well as a talent development perspective. In the fall of 2021, Advarra Consulting’s Clinical Center of Excellence conducted an industry benchmarking exercise to learn more about how the Clinical Trials Associate (CTA) role could be the key to aligning organizational design and business imperatives, as well as the focus on innovation and agility in the clinical trial management industry. Industry insights were obtained from interviews and surveys conducted with leaders of organizations of major biotech and pharmaceutical companies. This study elicited feedback from key stakeholders regarding organizational transformation and resource allocation – particularly centralization versus decentralization of CTA’s role in supporting clinical studies. This guide provides conclusions regarding the approach, advantages/disadvantages of each approach, organization, lessons learned and attributes that may impact resource allocation.


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