The Famous Star Kid: Mahesh Babu’s son Gautam is a reflection of his father in many ways


Mahesh Babu, who married Namrata in 2005, has two children, daughter Sitara and son Gautam. Although her baby girl is quite popular on social media, her son is quite the opposite. From reels to photo shoots, Sitara is the kid of millennials, while Gautam is an introvert who doesn’t like putting himself on a public platform much. Don’t these signs seem to come from his father? Yes, there is a reflection of Mahesh Babu in Gautam and we have evidence to say so.

Gautam is like his father, not just in appearance but also in personality. Let’s start with the looks, do we need to say anything, I mean like dad like son. The 15-year-old boy has the most charismatic smile and eyes like the superstar. And size needn’t be mentioned I guess, Gautam is giving Mahesh tough competition as he is neck and neck with him.

Well, on that note, here’s a moment to remember, in a recent chat show, Mahesh Babu revealed that Gautam was born six weeks ago as a premature baby. When I first held it, it was as big as my palm. Now Gautham is almost 6 feet tall. The actor also added that Sitara is a kid and Gautam is a cat.

Gautam also carries many of Mahesh Babu’s personality traits, such as his calmness. In almost 2 decades of his career, there has not been a single moment Mahesh Babu has handled any situation without calm and Gautam also seems to be following in his footsteps. The young champion is also an introvert who only likes to open up to those close to him and doesn’t talk much.

However, browsing through his Instagram posts, all we could see was his unconditional love for his family, friends, video games, automobiles, and cricket. These quite similar traits of Gautam from his father Mahesh Babu are a reflection of the good man he will grow up to be.

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