The Dark Monica Theory That Changes Everything About Friends


Throughout the 10 seasons of “Friends,” viewers get regular reminders that Monica has lost a ton of weight since she was a teenager. After a series of flashbacks, which show a much taller version of Monica, it is revealed that her drastic transformation was spurred on by Chandler insulting her height during a Geller family Thanksgiving.

However, several fans believe that Monica’s weight loss may have led to further issues. On Reddit, u/Theluckygal pointed out how, in flashback scenes that depict Monica at her former weight, she was never shown cleaning or organizing anything. “Maybe at Fat Camp she was experimented on for a drug that helped her lose weight, but it messed up her hormones, resulting in OCD (google hormones + ocd) and infertility” , they said.

While some commenters on the thread agreed, others like u/JH4227 provided a simplified theory that Monica just has an addictive personality. They said, “Basically, she’s swapped one addiction/compulsion for another. No experimental drugs are necessarily required.”

It should be noted that these theories are all pure speculation based on these fan observations, but for those looking to dig deeper into the psychology of the “Friends” characters, it’s definitely something to think about.


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