The best online courses for personal development


School of Life students don’t need to enroll in obscure online universities and unaccredited degree mills to learn new skills. When it comes to the best online courses for personal development, there is no shortage of expert-led online learning platforms designed to help you reach your potential. And if you are planning to start the year with more social distancing, why not devote your time to virtual classes that can help you find a new career (or move up the ladder in your current career), to improve. romantic relationships and other aspects of your life?

Nowadays, you can soak up the knowledge of David Lynch, Anna Wintour, professors at Berklee College of Music, respected authors and thought leaders, and other insiders and heavyweights in the world. industry. Most (if not all) of these platforms are also compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, and Microsoft devices, so you can stream video lessons and download content to your phone or computer. The fact that they offer pre-recorded lessons means you can pick up where you left off, anywhere, anytime. Many instructors also provide additional worksheets and other materials, and some companies also allow you to download videos or watch content when you’re offline.

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What are the best online courses for personal development?

Personal development involves analyzing your goals and desired characteristics, then building on existing skills or creating new ones to meet those ambitions. Whether you want to improve the quality of your personal or professional life, you can learn to build your self-confidence or be a better partner (to name a few) through skills such as problem solving, communication, organization, versatility and leadership. , among other qualities.

Looking for the best personal development courses to take online? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite personal development courses from popular online learning sites including LinkedIn Learning, Udemy, MasterClass, and more. Check out our top picks below.

1. A Modern Guide to Stop Procrastinating

Are you reading this article because you miss a deadline? In just an hour, Udemy’s guide will help you learn to focus in any environment, create a better daily structure to increase productivity, and build momentum once you’re on the roll.

Udemy’s online courses can be taken in your spare time, and unlike real school, there are no grades to underline or homework to complete. You can view the easy-to-follow courses on your phone or laptop, and download helpful notes and reminders to use offline as well. Buy this class once and get unlimited access for life.

A Modern Day Guide to Stop Procrastinating, $ 95, Available at Udemy

2. The science of well-being

Learn how to have a more productive and positive mindset in this course taught by Laurie Santos, professor of psychology at Yale. You’ll explore why the mind works the way it does, the most common misconceptions about happiness, and research-driven actions to change your habits for the better. Try it for free with a 7-day free trial on Coursera, one of our favorite online learning sites.

The science of wellness, free with a 7-day free trial of Coursera

3. Inspiration and motivation with Scout Bassett

Given that Paralympic track and field athlete Scout Bassett has won two world championship bronze medals, four international triathlon medals, and four US national championship medals, you can assume she knows a thing or two about motivation. . In her inspirational and motivational course for athletic-focused learning platform, The Skills, the athlete shares what she’s learned from overcoming the hardships in her life, growing up in an orphanage in China learning to walk with a makeshift leg prosthesis.

Inspiration and motivation with Scout Bassett, classes start at $ 5 per month; register on skills

4. Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Whether you are writing a cover letter for a job application or an email to a colleague, proper grammar and sentence structure can ensure that you are writing exactly what you intend to communicate. Writing expert Mignon Fogarty (better known as Grammar Girl) shares her top tips for incorporating rhythm and active voice into your words, using commas like an expert, avoiding repeated phrases, and more .

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, Unlimited Access starts at $ 20 per month; join LinkedIn Learning

5. The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management with Robin Berzin, MD

Parsley Health Founder and Functional Medicine physician Robin Berzin leads MindBodyGreen’s 38-video course on stress management. This is great for anyone struggling with anxiety or feeling short of breath, to name just a few symptoms of stress. The Holistic Health Series explains how to reduce these feelings through lifestyle changes, stress relief movements, and breathing exercises, and what foods to eat and avoid. You’ll also get a one-page guide to incorporating a plant-based paleo diet into your life, and healthy snack and meal recipes to support your stress-free habits.

Best gifts for stress relief

Best gifts for stress relief

The Ultimate Guide to Stress Management, $ 50; register on MindBodyGreen

6. The Science of Better Sleep with Matthew Walker

Getting quality sleep can do wonders for almost every aspect of your life, including your creativity. In his “Science of Better Sleep” series on MasterClass, UC Berkeley professor of neuroscience and psychology, Matthew Walker, describes all the elements of sleep – including REM sleep (REM) and non-REM sleep – and how this essential activity affects your health, from your immune system to your fight-or-flight response.

You will also learn how a sleepless night can affect your ability to problem solve, absorb new information, and be creative. Walker then shares practical tips for sleeping better so you can be more creative, happy, and productive.

Best online courses for personal development

Best online courses for personal development

The Science of the Best Sleep with Matthew Walker, All Access Pass starting at $ 15 per month; register for MasterClass

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