The 10 Most Hated Disney Princesses, Ranked


Disney Princesses are a great source of happiness for many fans and have become role models for young children. For many Disney viewers, princesses represent everything people love about the animation studio. The magic, grace, and wonder associated with each princess reminds fans that anything is possible, or at least, it is in Disney World. However, not all Disney Princesses are popular.

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Despite most people’s love for the Disney Princesses, many of them have not been well received. For some people, princesses represent women’s lack of independence in the era of movies like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. For others, it’s simply because they don’t like the personality of the princesses.

ten Snow White Has No Personality or Goals (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

Snow White was the first Disney princess. As such, its lack of personality and character exploration is due to when Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been freed. Nevertheless, Snow White is one of the least popular Disney Princesses due to her inability to think for herself and have her own goals.

Snow White is simply known as a beautiful woman who can sing and talk to animals. Beyond that, she has no personality or ambition. She marries the first man she sees after he kisses her while she is unconscious, which is a problematic sentiment. Disney fans often wonder what kind of message White as snow send to children.

9 Aurora is extremely passive (Sleeping Beauty)

Even though Sleeping Beauty came out 22 years later Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aurora is not much better than Snow White. She lets everything happen to her, even before being put into a trance by Maleficent. Many Disney fans have voiced their complaints about Aurora, saying that her only trait is her beauty.

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Sleeping Beauty hammers home the message that Aurora is the perfect woman, but she only has 18 lines of dialogue, which doesn’t bode well for this message. This may stem from Aurora spending most of the film sleeping, but it’s safe to say that the titular character should have more of a role in the film.

8 Pocahontas is part of a terrible tale of a tragedy (Pocahontas)

Most people who watched Pocahontas are aware that this is the telling of a true story. What some people don’t realize, however, is that Pocahontas is a problematic and dishonest narrative.

In reality, Pocahontas (aka Matoaka) was kidnapped by Englishmen after their requests for food weren’t met. She eventually converted to Christianity and had a son with a man named John Rolfe. Pocahontas depicts a romantic sequence of events, ending with the English leaving Pocahontas in peace. Viewers of the film criticized it for being a problematic attempt at portrayal.

seven Elsa is a terrible role model for children (Frozen)

Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful films, and it spawned several shorts and a sequel. Nevertheless, Elsa is one of the most hated Disney Princesses, and there are several reasons for that.

For first-time viewers, Elsa is a complicated princess with cool ice powers. Looking back, however, it’s easy to see that Elsa is a hugely involved person who isn’t much of a role model. Although she constantly worries about hurting people with her powers, Elsa shirks all her responsibility to her kingdom in order to “let go” of her fears, ignoring the fact that she is a queen with people who seek help.

6 Cinderella’s interactions are uncomfortable to watch (Cinderella)

It’s no secret that Cinderella comes from a terrible life situation. Her stepmother and stepsisters are cruel and mean, and her father died when she was a young girl. Many criticisms of Cinderella are aimed at her demeanor and dedication to always being kind.

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Cinderella is, in short, nice to everyone, including her terrible family. She takes every insult with a smile and always treats her mother-in-law with respect. It’s an uncomfortable sight to watch, especially with today’s standards and what children should learn in mind.

5 Ariel gives up her voice for a man she doesn’t know (The Little Mermaid)

One of the biggest complaints about Disney Princesses is that they’re damsels in distress. Ariel was the first princess to break this pattern, but she’s still not well-liked by Disney fans. This time the complaint is about how and why Ariel pursued her dreams.

Ariel sees Prince Eric on her ship and immediately falls in love with him, which isn’t necessarily bad. However, after meeting Ursula, the Sea Witch, Ariel trades her voice for the chance to be with Eric, a man she doesn’t know. The message this sent to the kids was questionable at best, but at least Ariel had goals in life.

4 Anna is seen as a plot device for Elsa (Frozen 2)

One of the reasons many Disney fans dislike Anna is that they see her as too dependent and needy. However, these personality traits stemmed from the fact that she was alone for most of her life.

Detractors also claimed that Anna was just a plot for Elsa. Most of his actions are provoked by others, and this happens even more in Frozen 2. Many viewers also blame Anna for having a love interest in a film that has been praised for focusing on family relationships rather than romantic ones. Her eagerness to fall in love and Kristoff eventually saving her is off-putting to viewers who thought Disney’s damsel in distress days were over.

3 Merida is sarcastic and arrogant (brave)

Brave was a hit movie, but Merida is still one of the most hated Disney Princesses. His sarcastic attitude is off-putting to viewers and his arrogance in his archery can get quite shocking.

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Although Merida yearns for independence and was the first loveless Disney princess, she is still not well-liked by viewers. Although she is not well liked, Merida fans have speculated that the hatred stems from her constant breaking with tradition: she is a princess without a prince, she prefers to speak her mind rather than to shut up, and she likes archery more than the table. manners.

2 Jasmine is disliked for her bossy attitude (Aladdin)

Jasmine has broken many barriers. She was the first Disney princess to wear pants, the first to not want to fall in love, and instead of a fuzzy little animal companion, she had a tiger. Yet she is hated for her bossy attitude and disinterest in Aladdin, the film’s lovable protagonist.

Jasmine’s independence was a relatively new concept for a Disney Princess at the time. Aladdin came out of. She was insulted at being the price of a man and was willing to run away to avoid a life of loveless marriage, which she was loved for. While Jasmine’s dislike of Aladdin is reasonable, it still angers fans of the caring and heroic protagonist.

1 Rapunzel’s story is forced to a happy ending (Tangled)

Unlike most Disney Princesses, Rapunzel is mostly hated for her story rather than her character. Tangled fans claimed that Rapunzel got the best possible outcome in her situation, but it also didn’t make sense that she got everything she wanted.

Rapunzel is not appreciated for her bubbly personality, self-righteousness, and social skills, which people claim are unrealistic after spending eighteen years locked in a tower. Viewers also claimed she was a damsel in distress who needed Eugene’s rescue. Rapunzel has therefore become the most hated Disney princess.

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