Star Wars’ Most Exciting Character Is The Mandalorian’s Peli Motto


A feisty, sex-positive Peli Motto is a long-awaited addition to the Star Wars universe, which generally eschews intimacy between its characters.

It’s time to have the star wars “to speak.” In this galaxy far, far away, people and creatures of all kinds come together as they find love, companionship, and aid species survival through propagation. While none of this happens on screen, most romances are framed in a sort of galactic pseudo-Victorian courtly love. So, seeing Peli Motto (played by the hilarious Amy Sedaris) in The Mandalorian and Boba Fett’s Book flex his sexuality is long overdue. Motto definitely has a goal – and it’s not about toppling empires.

People (almost certainly) have a lot of sex in star wars. However, it’s mostly kept quiet and behind closed doors – with little room for passions and hormones in the battle for the galaxy. A few central characters are the result of close relationships between the main cast, like Han Solo and Princess Leia’s son, Kylo Ren, as well as Luke and Leia, the children of powerhouse powerhouses Anakin Skywalker and Padme. Or Jin Erso as Galen Erso’s daughter in spin-off movies like A thug. But the films generally seemed to go out of their way to avoid sexually charged subplots. But that could change.

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The Mandalorian and Peli motto

Peli Motto’s character is outspoken about her sexuality, and her confidence is a refreshingly more realistic take on one of the core motivations of nearly all living beings – sex – for pleasure or procreation. The Mos Eisley mechanic connects with glee when the time is right, from her carefree confessions about intimacy with her ex-boyfriend Jawa to her flirtations with the Twi’lek butler. Sedaris is able to weave this part of his big character into storylines without it feeling too out of place. It would be hard to imagine Mando slipping into a canteen and punching someone because “he’s alone and looking for fun” after exploring the galaxy for so long. It doesn’t seem to fit the brand. But somehow, Sedaris is able to pull it off for everyone’s enjoyment.

Curiously, one of the aspects of the universe created by George Lucas is that it is relatively devoid of sexual tension between the characters. Audiences familiar with the franchise know not to expect romantic subplots beyond the main canon. Another great way for Lucas to avoid the problem was to use clones to build his fictional armies. Additionally, the glaring absence of many women in uniform within the Empire and the First Order helps solve the problem. In many ways, this fits with Lucas’ general desire to create an engaging and accessible story arc for kids, who usually don’t care if there’s a sexy subplot going on.

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Leia’s slave outfit during her imprisonment by Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi remains one of the most iconic two-piece sets of modern cinema ever worn. The on-screen character’s sex appeal was for Hutt’s visual enjoyment – not sex per se with Jabba (hopefully!). Smooth operator Lando Calrissian – young and old – has always been a flirtatious charmer with a roving eye. Romance in the star wars The universe was mostly set aside for other character traits. Of course, there were times like the accidental incestuous kiss between the two siblings during The empire strikes back but no big passionate interludes between the characters.

With romance off the table, it’s easier to create storylines without having to incorporate sex and passions into the mix. While this can help simplify the storytelling, it also has the effect of creating a giant unspoken void in the overall narrative. A void that sometimes plays to the detriment of the characters. Sexuality is a part of life – without it, it ends up being something that’s hard to miss in the story and can rob characters of opportunities to expand their on-screen personas. Something that Sedaris happily showed can be fun for everyone, if done right!

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