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Each of us walks a path in our life towards the things that make us feel alive. We drive ourselves, push and work towards our goals. Yet there are lessons that I have learned along the way that I believe are of the utmost importance. These lessons show up in various situations in my life and play a vital role in successful problem management.

4 laws of personal development

1. You must have a teachable mind
I grew up fearful in large part that I would have a talent and fail. I have always believed and have always believed, to this day, that talented individuals are defeated by those who choose to grow up, those who are teachable and understand the value of attaining the wisdom of those who came before them. I am of the opinion that arrogance is the quickest route to failure because it implies that no one knows it better than you.

When you adopt a teachable mind, it means that you understand that you are not always right. You open yourself up to constructive criticism, allowing you to filter out what will work for you and what won’t. This does not mean that everyone’s opinion is always correct, it is to say that you are open to listen to the teaching of others while remaining firm in deciphering what you will take with you on your journey. growth.

It just means you listen unattended and figure out what is left and what will be discarded. However, you LISTEN and LEARN.

2. You must have emotional intelligence
Have you ever dealt with someone who lacks emotional intelligence (otherwise known as emotional quotient or EQ)? The one who lets his feelings dictate his response to a given situation, without foresight or analysis?

The most dangerous thing you can do is live a life driven by your feelings. The reason is that our feelings, although sometimes right, are most often influenced by our perceptions of life, our past experiences and our hurts. This makes it a dangerous place to operate as it does not always reflect the true reality of what is

When you develop an EQ, there is a learning process to put your feelings aside and think clearly. It is practiced and learned. While some people are fortunate enough to be born with high EQ, others are not. Whoever you are, it’s important to be self-aware and empower yourself.

3. You must be honest
To use my father’s famous words and the mantra that has taken root in our family home, integrity is what you do when no one is watching.

Living in the age of social media, it’s more often than not easy to create a story that doesn’t exist. We paint a picture of our lives that is inaccurate to appease people we don’t know. Additionally, lying, gossiping, and slandering others is considered quick “innocent” laughter. Yet our public image portrays a sense of development of others and of interest in imparting wisdom for the growth of others. We claim to be humble and kind. Yet the people we live in our homes feel a wicked aura, which is anything but kind. In addition, we believe that we can steal time from the company, which later results in petty cash theft, which can quickly turn into false invoices.

4. You must cultivate a conducive environment
When they say you’re the average person you spend the most time with, we get that for what it is. When they say, bird of a flock of feathers, we also understand that.

It is not a foreign concept that the people who make up your surroundings, influence your outlook on life, influence your ambitions, and influence your thoughts. Being aware of this means actively cultivating an environment that reflects what you want out of life. This goes hand in hand with finding a mentor, making friends with people in your field, and making sure that your group of close friends helps you grow and doesn’t hold you back from growing.

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