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Logic – Is it really possible to live without logic? Well, my answer to that is that I don’t believe in logic, and neither do I reduce myself to logic. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, the definition of logic is an appropriate or reasonable way of thinking or understanding something. To me, the logic is just plain wrong and degrading to our abilities and powers as human beings. Logic is a word that is wrong and cannot be used as an identification tool.


Name one great thing in this world that has come about because of logic? Can you? I can name hundreds, if not thousands of great things in the world that have come about because someone was brave enough not to believe in logic and oppose it while not caring if it was. was normal or natural. You might find my opinions unrealistic, AND THAT’S CORRECT. It would be illogical of me to think that you should see the world the same as I or anyone else, but realistic to me, it’s boring, it’s too mediocre to even consider it.

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Take electricity, this concept defied logic. If we look at the definition of the word, it wouldn’t have been a reasonable way to think to assume that a magical force would replace candles and fireplaces as the source of light. But outspoken geniuses such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison have had the courage to defy logic. Nikola Tesla is a genius who defied logic and changed the world for the better. They were ridiculed, mocked, even considered mentally unstable by many when they proclaimed that such a source of light and energy could exist. Can you imagine the state of the world if they had fallen prey to the mob and abandoned this science just because it didn’t make sense? On the one hand, you wouldn’t be watching this. So Mr. Franklin, Mr. Edison, and Mr. Tesla – thank you for being three of the most illogical people to ever exist.


Realistic: I think everything we talked about is really considered unrealistic by most. I guess it’s unrealistic to think of how the normal creates abnormality, the illegal can triumph over the legal, the natural is completely unnatural, and logic is odious to the intellect. Many would say that it is unrealistic to even take them as truths. No surprise here – I don’t believe it either. Think about this for a few minutes, let him figure it out: there are a million laws, penalties and punishments for financial and pecuniary crimes, but how many laws are there for emotional crimes? Close to nothing. Isn’t that illogical? People are disloyal, cheat, betray, gossip, emotionally disturb someone, and yet they walk around unscrupulously.

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Unfortunately – everyday politics, governments, religions, organizations and sects commit gross acts against humanity – this is not a realistic way to live. The phrases you hear every day are “Let’s be realistic – we can’t stop terrorism, end human slavery, change the world” – let’s be realistic? I do not agree. Let’s be unrealistic. Let’s embrace the idea that it was unrealistic to have electricity, to fly, to send someone to the moon, to cure polio, to have the Internet. None of this was considered realistic. Good job many thought otherwise.


I don’t expect you to change every thought just because I or anyone for that matter comes up with another way of thinking. But let’s allow our time here on earth to mean something big. Is that too unrealistic to ask? Or even imagine?

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It troubles me and disturbs me that humanity and our success rests on the fact that we have crossed and conquered all kinds of physical and natural boundaries to spread all over the world. And these physical limitations are no small challenge. I’m talking about climbing the highest mountains, sailing the roughest seas, digging wells in the driest deserts. But unfortunately and disastrously, it is the same race, and by race I am referring to humans, who find it difficult to overcome or overcome artificial boundaries, mental boundaries. Things such as country borders, political borders, religious borders, borders of prejudice, class borders, wealth status borders.


I urge each of you to consider eliminating these words from your vocabulary. Make them disappear. Don’t judge others using these words. We are no better or less than someone because we don’t fit those words. And while these are just words, it’s the thoughts behind them that worry me the most. No one and nothing is normal or abnormal, logical or illogical, legal or illegal, natural or unnatural, realistic or unrealistic.

By Hollywood Insider Staff Writer

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