Personality Test Reveals Communication Quality Based on Types of Legs You See


Optical Illusion: Male or Female Legs

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The “long-legged” optical illusion, which doubles as a personality test, is supposed to determine whether the viewer is a good or bad communicator – depending on which image strikes them first. Created in 1975 by the late Japanese artist Shigeo Fukuda, this bewildering optical illusion appears to depict a row of legs.

Doesn’t look like much at first glance, does it? Well, take another look. The optical illusion uses negative space to create two alternate images at the same time.

Oh, you see it now.

According to illusion theorists, the image indicates your personality traits related to the quality of your communication.

Optical Illusion Male or Female Legs
Optical Illusion: Male or Female Legs

trouser legs

If you’ve first seen a row of upside-down legs in black dress pants and shoes, you might be the type of person who communicates straight up, according to YourTango. This category of puzzle finds it relatively easy to collect thoughts and put them forward.

However, a blunt and outspoken communicator risks coming across as callous and lacking in emotional depth.

Legs with high heels

Initially noticing bare, white legs indicates that you tend to speak before you even think clearly and end up making statements that contradict what you actually mean, according to self-proclaimed optical illusion experts.

Both legs simultaneously

Yes, you are not the only one. A third result of this personality test is to notice both types of legs at first glance. It means you are a witty person who can make zingers fly.

While it brings the much-loved spice to an otherwise flat conservation, off-the-cuff remarks only lead to trouble down the road.


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