Personal development is ‘outstanding’ at Basingstoke School


The latest report recognizes many aspects of school life where staff work hard to ensure a student’s education is enjoyable, successful and fulfilling.

This was particularly highlighted by the judgment for personal development, which was outstanding.

Inspectors said they found that leaders and teachers helped students develop their own unique talents beyond chosen subjects.

Learning is enriched and prolonged thanks to the multitude of interesting clubs, trips and visits offered. There is something for everyone here.

Student welfare and pastoral care are central to how leaders deliver education

Good staff-student relations ensure generally calm and respectful behavior throughout the school

The animators, teachers and support staff work as a close team to meet the pastoral and academic needs of these students. The students love the school and feel happy and proud to be here.

The offer of personal development for students is exceptional at Costello.

Principal Randall Jull said: “Our ambition is to be the best school for our students to continue and succeed in life.

“This is an important step in our journey to achieve this, and I am extremely grateful to my wonderful staff and governors, for the support of the Bohunt Education Trust, to our dedicated and dedicated parents, and above all to our simply outstanding students who make the school what it is.

“What is most enjoyable is the judgment for personal development because we are, after all, responsible for molding young people into the adults they become, and receiving recognition that our performance in this regard is exceptional is testament to the work we do – especially in a pandemic where our remote learning, home support, food bank and NHS donations have shown how far we go to support our community.”


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