New Horizons is set to get better for Bunny Day 2023


Animal Crossing: New Horizon introduced a Bunny Day holiday as a parallel to Easter in gaming, but Nintendo may implement new features to improve this event for 2023 (or future games in the series). animal crossing‘s Bunny Day has a complicated reputation in the ACNH community, tormenting players with endless eggs in water, underground, and in trees. However, its biggest downside comes with the arrival of Zipper, a bunny mascot who endlessly bounces past City Hall. Many players have expressed their dislike for the character, and Zipper has long haunted Bunny Days in ACNH. Luckily, Nintendo can enhance this event in a number of ways for dedicated gamers who stay another year.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons features annual events that mirror real-world holidays, allowing players to celebrate in-game milestones. This mechanic includes birthdays, Toy Day, May 1, Nature Day, and more, corresponding to unique merchants and loot spawns in all the islands. Unfortunately, while these events allow players to decorate their homes and islands with themed decorations, they become repetitive with no new incentive or reward each year. Nintendo recently announced ACNH development would cease after Good family paradise The DLC and Update 2.0 have rolled out, but there are dozens of potential ways to improve Bunny Day with relatively little effort.

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In its current state, Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘The Bunny Day event spawns eggs in different locations, with different types corresponding to different recipes. For example, players can use an Earth Egg to craft a Bunny Day Bed, while a Sky Egg can craft a Bunny Day Balloon. Additionally, Nook’s Cranny sells Bunny Day-themed items every day in a special corner of the store, allowing players to purchase items like topiary, flags, trees, and candy. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s discontinuation of ACNH meant players couldn’t unlock additional items or experience new content. Dedicated players who unlocked most or all of the previous Bunny Days content may have experienced some disappointment when the event returned, resulting in animal crossing fatigue.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons should add Bunny Day cooking recipes

Animal Crossing Kitchen Update

the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Update 2.0 introduced farming and cooking to the Island Paradise game, allowing players to pursue more creative paths to develop their islands. While players can use different crops to match the seasons, holiday events are noticeably lacking in festive seeds or plants. However, Nintendo can remedy this by implementing more ways for players to use eggs and obtain other Bunny Day-themed items to decorate their island. Bunny Day bears similarities to Easter, which has many traditional recipes associated with its celebrations. Foods like ham or roast lamb might not be the best choices in a game with pig and sheep villagers, but other celebratory opportunities exist.

Planting ACNHBunny Day eggs in the ground and treating them like crops could provide unique ingredients to craft items such as Bunny Day candy baskets, edible or colored eggs, chocolate bunnies, or other candies and goods. This could allow players to host traditional, festive parties and decorations outside of the provided Bunny Day items, but it could also encourage more public celebrations. Giving each island resident a unique Bunny Day Basket or candy collection could dramatically increase friendship levels with those characters, allowing players to get their unique items faster. Additionally, it could activate a unique dialogue with each villager, making the event more ceremonial and immersive. Placing a table for villagers to eat a Bunny Day meal together could also create more organic scenes and interactions on player islands.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may let players decorate Bunny Day vacation homes

Animal Crossing Design Vacation Home in a Villager Vacation Home

ACNH’s Good family paradise The DLC expanded the game’s decoration mechanic by allowing players to decorate and design holiday homes for villagers. Each character has unique styles and preferences, requiring players to use different items and themes in each house. However, seasonal events and special days do not interfere with these commands and seem like a largely overlooked opportunity. Since most of Bunny Day’s features are about hunting eggs and crafting corresponding items with them, the logical conclusion would be to use them in other houses and his own. With Zipper as a temporary addition to Good family paradise could be the perfect method to implement Bunny Day in the DLC.

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Once the players have finished ACNHit is Good family paradise DLC, they unlock the ability to decorate and expand homes located on their player islands. This lets players decorate each other’s houses for the holidays, but doesn’t give much incentive to redecorate nearly a dozen houses in unique styles. If the next Bunny Day event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons (or its sequel) features upgrades or changes, it gives players daily goals or milestones to make their islands (or towns) more festive. Unlocking unique dialogue, encountering secret and festive events, or increasing the festivity in each character’s personality could all be rewarded for players who decorate their residents’ houses with the new decoration mechanic.

The ACNH should offer an Easter egg hunt with the villagers

Player collects Bunny Day eggs in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsVillagers have many personalities that influence their daily activities, likes, dislikes, and fashion. However, Nintendo might use these personality traits in seasonal events throughout the game’s lifespan. their ages influencing the number of eggs they get. If Nintendo developed a similar event for animal crossing, players could compete with their neighbors to get the most eggs in a limited time. Similar events are already happening with the fishing and bug-catching contests hosted by Flick and CJ, which could translate into an egg hunt hosted by Zipper. However, removing this character might contribute to a more enjoyable experience, and another character might have the Egg Hunt instead.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t need a T. Bunny zipper

Animal Crossing New Horizons Zipper T Bunny is worse than Tom Nook

The zipper is Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ worst character, or is at least up for it, and doesn’t add much to the seasonal event. Instead, players have to watch the annoying bunny bouncing around for over a week. Despite being a zipped villager in a suit, Zipper’s eyes, mannerisms, and dialogue are disturbing and annoying. Nintendo might be developing another Bunny character to take Zipper’s place, especially given several ACNH Village bunnies are extremely popular. Additionally, a character capable of laying eggs could replace Zipper and introduce new, less intrusive activities into the game’s daily gameplay loop.

While Nintendo ceased development on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and probably turns his attention to a Animal Crossing: New Horizons sequel, the current Bunny Day event is monotonous. Seasonal events are likely to increase the number of players in any game, but enthusiasm for this event wanes once the reward pool becomes stale. Nintendo failed Animal Crossing: New Horizons on several fronts, but its seasonal events are its most obvious flaws. Animal Crossing: New Horizons and his Good family paradise The DLCs are now available on the Nintendo Switch.

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