Naomi remixed one of Smallville’s best traits


Similar to Smallville, Naomi introduces a new mystery with huge stakes that puts the world in danger, adding more drama to Naomi’s life.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Naomi Season 1, Episode 5, “Shadow Ridge,” now available on the CW.

In the CWs Noemie, the main character struggles to understand why she ended up on this Earth. She linked him to the sleazy Port Oswego car dealership known as Zumbado, but his quest was put in jeopardy when an alien bounty hunter named Jaeger attempted to claim her. That didn’t deter her, however, pushing her deeper to investigate the mystery after her parents admitted she was from somewhere else. The series then remixed one of Smallville’s best traits, creating an all-new mystery that could have disastrous repercussions on the planet.

In its early seasons, Smallville had villains like Jeremy Creek, who had electrical powers, Greg who became a human bug, the shapeshifted Tina Greer, and many others who test Kal-El. As Clark grew, they were killed, put into Belle Reve, experimented on by the Luthors, or weaponized by other groups who wanted world domination. This allowed for a good mix of action, comedy and horror to add nuance to from Smallville initial foundation.

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Naomi finds the dangerous Dilustel in Shadow Ridge

Noemie followed a similar path at a camp, Shadow Ridge, where a counselor, Jeff, introduced a local legend named Moonshine Jimmy. It was a horror story of murder and intrigue, similar to Jason’s Friday 13, intended to keep children indoors. However, Anthony, one of the guys who had a crush on Naomi, fell ill after being exposed to something gruesome in the woods.

This caused Naomi, her best friend Annabelle, her beau Nathan, and Anthony to investigate further to find out if it was something supernatural. This led to them getting caught for breaking curfew, being punished, and thinking it was all just a wild goose chase. That is until she and Anthony find a shack and lair containing crates of a blue substance known as Dilustel. It linked to video footage they had seen earlier of a woman, Belinda, being attacked by a mysterious figure. She described the blue substance as an environmental threat, confirming that its disappearance was real, as well as a cover-up.

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Naomi finds the dangerous Dilustel in Shadow Ridge

This led to Jeff arriving, revealing himself to be the culprit. His eyes turned red and his face started to crack, turning it into something scary. Luckily, Naomi was able to use her energy blasts to knock him out. Anthony was baffled, so he didn’t see her using her powers, while Annabelle helped cover up any possibility of exposure, keeping Naomi safe.

However, she no longer knew who stored this substance, why it hurt Anthony, and why there was the alien tongue on the crates related to his lineage. These glyphs were found on the record Zumbado had with the 29 refugees from Naomi’s world, leaving fans wondering if it was a terrorist substance meant to help them pick up the slack. It has a negative effect on humans, so Naomi will search for answers once her father, Greg, and the military dissect the creations. It remains to be seen what they will do with Jeff as well, who could end up being an asset in Naomi’s past.

look how Naomi’s journey unfolds, with new episodes airing on The CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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