Mind Environment launches “intensive” personal development retreats


This spring, Mind Environment is launching an intensive four-day retreat in the 17th-century French mountain village of Bardou to “reassess the meaning and purpose of life”. Reporting by Jenny Southan

The “Individual program for the whole environment” of mental environment, a consultancy that structures and guides immersive programs in extraordinary locations, aims to provide “deep clarity around identity and purpose” in a wild setting.

The company says the four-day all-inclusive intensive retreat is “ideal for those who are at a point of transition or looking to reassess the meaning and purpose of life”.

He says: “Participants leave with a deeper insight into their identity, their larger place in the world, and what drives their interactions with others. They will gain clarity on personal and professional challenges, as well as solutions on how to overcome obstacles and unlock opportunities. »

Ultimately, the program offers a practical blueprint for living better in the world, so people can maximize their contribution.

“Whether it’s climate change, biodiversity loss, the rise of automation or geopolitical tensions, the scale and pace of change in the world right now affects us all,” says the Mind Environment’s founder and program director, Dr. Tom Cotton, an experienced psychotherapist. , executive coach and leadership consultant.

“Our individual and collective responsibility has never mattered so much, and that responsibility rests on knowing our own minds. We provide a focused space to better understand how our minds work, as well as a deeper understanding of fundamental issues, such as identity, meaning and purpose in life,” he says.

Building on collective specialties, the Mind Environment team uses innovative and creative techniques to help clients gain in-depth psychological knowledge in a short time.

Cotton says, “The work can be challenging, but it’s also a profound adventure that brings tangible and lasting change. Our ‘Whole Environment’ thinking drives our group learning model, which helps clients work with both the visible ‘environment above the surface’, such as the stated identity and goals of work and life, and the unseen “below the surface environment”, including emotions, unseen contracts, deeply held assumptions and limiting beliefs.

Aimed at anyone looking for personal and professional development, the new program would also appeal to practitioners such as executive and life coaches, psychotherapists, psychiatrists, counselors and business mentors looking for a CPD opportunity. Mind Environment also organizes leadership retreats in France and Scotland.

The first “Whole Environment Individual Programme” will run from May 1-5, 2022. The course combines group discussion, creative techniques and outdoor activities in a powerful process of positive change. Groups are small, with a maximum of ten participants.

Price: Individual rate – £2,100 (early bird rate £1,800 until 22nd January 2022). Corporate rate – £2,500 (early bird rate £2,250).

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