Mazlo Raises $ 10 Million, Launches Suite of Personal Development Programs


SEATTLE – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Mazlo, a Seattle-based company that combines the expert advice and human connection of in-person coaching with the convenience of digital content, today announced it has raised $ 10 million and launched a personal development suite “Learn by doing” programs.

The company’s programs help clients develop a range of skills, including mindfulness meditation, conversational agility, positive body language, mindful eating, strength and range of motion, constructive criticism, confident speaking and time management.

Mazlo’s financing was led by its founders, including Polaris Partners. The funding will be used to expand the technology platform, create and grow additional programs, and fuel the launch for self-improvement consumers and progressive employers.

“We saw an opportunity to apply what we learned about coaching and behavior change when we started our last business, Free & Clear, which has become the leader in smoking cessation,” said Tim Kilgallon, co-founder and CEO of Mazlo. “Mazlo leverages the effectiveness of daily rehearsal and human responsibility while embracing the realities of busy schedules and swaying motivation levels. It is self-help transformed into a service.

Mazlo clients train 10 minutes a day for two weeks to develop powerful new habits through daily, real practice and a continuous feedback loop with a dedicated coach. Clients are matched with coaches who have in-depth subject matter expertise, as well as accountability and advisory skills.

Online programs offer several key features to help individuals reach their potential, including:

  • A two-week program consisting of ten-minute daily hands-on activities

  • Programs designed and presented by leading subject matter experts

  • A mobile-friendly user interface that provides daily activity and facilitates daily interaction with a personal coach

  • Interactive exercises for real-life reflection, practice and planning

  • Daily private 1: 1 coaching delivered asynchronously via personal video message or written message

Mazlo differs from traditional self-improvement approaches like books, online courses, classes, and in-person coaching. Volumes of information on a given topic are distilled into short daily hands-on exercises delivered in hands-on, affordable and personalized two-week coaching programs. Mazlo’s unique approach generates engagement rates that far exceed those of typical apprenticeship programs.

If Mazlo is directly accessible to consumers, it is also an innovative solution for employers and managers who wish to offer their teams a choice of coaching programs for professional development. Mazlo’s suite of professional programs includes the following topics: confident speaking, positive body language, business etiquette, constructive criticism, and business writing.

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About Mazlo

Mazlo is a Seattle-based company that helps people reach their full potential for personal and professional development with just ten minutes a day of actual practice supported by 1: 1 private coaching. Mazlo’s suite of “learn by doing” coaching programs include mindfulness and fitness routines as well as social and business skills. Mazlo is directly available to consumers and is an innovative solution for employers who want to provide their employees with quality professional development for the general public. To learn more, visit

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