Luffy from One Piece and Natsu from Fairy Tail would be perfect best friends


Among the plethora of fan-favorite shonen anime protagonists, arguably the most beloved and well-known is Monkey D. Luffy from A play. Fans often compare Luffy to others, usually to determine a theoretical battle outcome. Nevertheless, some fans focus on his personality traits rather than his strength to determine his compatibility and resemblance to other protagonists.

Among all the old and new shonen protagonists, there are a few who would get along well with Luffy. However, one in particular matches Luffy’s energy like no other, and that’s Natsu Dragneel. Fairy tale. With a seemingly endless number of similarities between the two, if they existed in the same universe, there’s no doubt that Luffy and Natsu would be an unstoppable and hilarious best friend duo.

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The sense of adventure shared by Luffy and Natsu

Natsu from Fairy Tail and Luffy from One Piece

As the main character of A play, a series that inspired many anime that followed it, Luffy’s character design is considered the model for many protagonists, especially those in next-gen anime series. Luffy is described as carefree, optimistic, and fearless. Her childish personality and her love of spontaneity combine to fuel her unwavering confidence. Regardless of any significant advantage his opponent may have over him, he never backs down from a challenge and faces his foes head-on.

Luffy’s desire for adventure and fierce loyalty to his friends has become a common trope among popular shonen protagonists, but none embodies it as perfectly as Natsu. Not only that, but Natsu also shares Luffy’s reckless nature, carefree attitude, and tendency to inadvertently cause destruction in an effort to save or avenge others. In fact, Luffy and Natsu’s destructive behavior is a running gag in their respective series that is often pointed out by secondary characters as a comedic element.

Although they have more traits in common than not, how they express those traits is unique to their individual characters. For example, Natsu insists on acting selflessly, while Luffy’s selfless nature seems involuntary. Nonetheless, both are driven by their righteousness and contempt for cruelty to the innocent. Since both characters are guided by a similar moral compass, the actions they take to protect others often mirror each other, regardless of the different motives for their victories.

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The duality of Natsu’s individuality and his resemblance to Luffy

Natsu from Fairy Tail and Luffy from One Piece

In terms of compatibility, Luffy and Natsu tend to gravitate toward those with strength and potential, which they both have in abundance. They also have a common dislike for those who are weak, but while Natsu is more likely to show empathy, Luffy tends to act blunt, causing him to be seen as the tougher of the two.

However, that doesn’t mean that Luffy isn’t an empathetic character. Whether intentional or not, Luffy instinctively sides with individuals or groups who are oppressed and often takes their stories of oppression and abuse personally. He then takes it upon himself to make defeating the oppressor part of his mission, the success of which almost always depends on his willingness to risk everything. Finally, when he emerges triumphant, he usually indulges in his favorite pastime: eating lots and lots of food. In this way, Luffy and Natsu look a lot alike.

However, even with so much in common, Luffy and Natsu retain their uniqueness with the varying relationship dynamics they have with other characters and their roles in the overall plot of their respective series. Most fans can agree that the two are goal-driven characters with many platonic friendships, but it’s also no secret that Natsu occasionally reveals his romantic feelings. Unlike Luffy’s relationships, which have no romantic elements, Natsu’s longtime friendship with Lucy Heartfilia has underlying romantic themes that haven’t gone unnoticed.

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The similarities between Natsu and Luffy go deeper than the surface

Natsu from Fairy Tail and Luffy from One Piece with bandages

It’s safe to assume that Luffy and Natsu have the perfect amount of similarities and differences to ensure their theoretical friendship would go off without a hitch. If their paths were to cross, the chemistry between the two would be almost instantaneous and undeniable. Luffy’s eagerness to accept and befriend strangers, coupled with Natsu’s penchant for those with overwhelming strength and pure hearts, would be the perfect recipe for success.

Still, it’s no stretch to imagine that their first introduction would inevitably result in a practice match. It’s important to point out that both characters pride themselves on their strength and are willing to prove their skills – while violent altercations aren’t usually a good sign of a good start to a friendship, Luffy and Natsu would be an exception. Showcasing their abilities would likely help build mutual respect between the two, marking the beginning of a friendship that would undoubtedly stand the test of time.

As mentioned earlier, there are many other protagonists with similar character traits to Luffy. The childish humor of Naruto in narutoAsta’s unwavering determination in black clover and even Shinra’s physical appearance in fire force are all traits reminiscent of Luffy. Even so, Natsu not only mirrors Luffy’s personality and demeanor more than any other protagonist, but his morals and values ​​are also the most aligned with Luffy’s. This means that their friendship would be far from surface level, only further supporting that, given the chance, Luffy and Natsu would form an unbreakable bond.


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