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Lost Ark is full of surprising things to find and do. However, this guide is for Virtues of the Lost Ark. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the Lost Ark Best Crews and Lost Ark Best Trading guides.

There’s never been an isometric action-RPG as expansive and adventurous as Lost Ark. The sleek game took South Korea by storm in 2019. Now it’s setting records in the west. It is not difficult to understand why. There’s a surprising depth to each scrolling system and boss fights.

With the exception of a few batter enemy encounters and generic storylines, most are enjoyable to play solo or with friends, especially once you get your ship. Yeah! You get a ship in Lost Ark, and you can sail and move across oceans to explore a mysterious world.

Four Virtue Stats in Lost Ark

Kindness, courage, wisdom and charisma are virtues of the lost bow

Each of these four virtues represents a specific personality track of your character.

  • Kindness
  • Courage
  • Wisdom
  • Charisma

Lost Ark has a personality feature that describes your character’s experience. This feature allows your player to have certain personality traits which can be upgraded in various ways as explained later in this guide. Virtue or virtue points work the same way as reputation. Having a better reputation can unlock new possibilities for your character.

Virtues allow you to unlock special quests from NPCs. They are equally important for building your relationship with NPCs using a rapport system. If you don’t have enough Virtues, you can’t interact with some of them. They require specific Virtue Points or a certain number of Virtue Points in a particular personality trait.

Virtue Points do not directly improve a character’s abilities or increase their powers. However, they increase the likelihood of getting a reward which can be vital for increasing abilities.

Why Virtue Stats Matter

Virtues in Lost Ark stats are split between four character personality traits; kindness, courage, wisdom and charisma. Good news! Most Virtue Points you earn are shared between characters. This means that if you earn a virtue point, multiple characters and those points are not attached to a specific character. However, each character has reached certain points, and these are not shared virtues.

For example, the points obtained by completing the main quest. In addition, these points can be monitored. You can check your virtue points in the skins, character profile, and virtues tabs.

Virtue points are essential in report rewards. These rewards allow the character to level up using their relationships with NPCs. The relationship is built if you communicate with them daily. Suppose you want to check which NPCs are hired by you and what you can gain from them; press Alt+N.

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How to increase Virtue Stats in Lost Ark

Few players don’t get involved in Virtue stats and miss a lot of things that Lost Ark Virtue Stats can offer. These virtues give you a chance to develop a relationship with your favorite NPCs and enjoy the benefits that NPCs can offer. Four virtues, kindness, courage, wisdom and charisma, are visible in the second tab of the character window.

These virtue points are essential for various quests and access to certain Mokoko seeds. Now we are going to discuss how virtue points can be acquired through skins, quests, adventure tomes, achievements, potions, and report dialogues.

Complete quests to build virtue stats

Few players do not indulge in side quests, but you can earn a lot of rewards by completing these side quests. On the contrary, a few players try to complete all the quests in each region and island. For example, complete the Frost Haven quest. You will get a Vitality Increase Potion and nine Courage Virtue Points.

For each quest, the reward is different. But, chances are that most side quests increase your virtue points in Lost Ark. Also check out our guides which explain the best Lost Ark servers and all the Lost Ark classes.

Skins also increase Virtue stats

Virtues of the Lost Ark
Skin In Lost Ark Comes With Virtues

Having different skins for your characters brings more fun and excitement to the game. But skins can become exceptionally valuable if they give you much-needed Virtue Points. Likewise, the founder skin gives you a lot of charisma which helps you meet the virtues criteria for the report.

So whenever you come across a new skin, it would be wise to go through their stats and check which skins have the most Virtue stats. Because it might be useful later in Lost Ark. While browsing skins, why not take a look at Lost Ark Scrapper Build and Lost Ark Sorceress Build.

With many skins and Virtue Points, you can use them whenever you get stuck in Virtue Points checking. Swap the skins and hopefully you’ll keep up with the demand. Mokoko seeds are often found in collectibles. If you check rewards, you will find kindness virtue points. For more, browse our guides on the Lost Ark skin and the Lost Ark weapon.

Complete the Adventure Tome

lost ark
Adventure Tome can give you more virtues.

You can get a lot of Virtues of the Lost Ark by completing your Adventure Tome. To do this, you have to travel through each continent, one after the other. Complete all the areas and find the collectibles. In addition, you must master all reports for NPCs and complete each dungeon. You will increase many virtue points during this adventure, so don’t miss it.

Build a relational dialogue with NPCs

Virtues of the Lost Ark
Stock report

There are many opportunities to earn virtue points by using the report. We build our relationships with people by having good conversations. Everyone loves someone who is a good listener and fun to chat with. NPCs are no different in Lost Ark. You can build your trust and relationship with them by having daily conversations. It’s a perfect way to build your reputation. The more you form your relationship with these NPCs, the more rewards you will get.

These NPCs are found all over the world and can give you great rewards. Most of them are able to reward you with an increase in one of the Virtue stats. That’s how important they are, and we need to have a good relationship with them. Nia is one such NPC found in Punica.

She will give you an omnium star as well as charisma virtue stats. Players are obsessed with her as Nia lets you craft an ashtray, giving you a soul. Additionally, she can be used as a crew member on your ashtray as she could be useful for quick travel.

However, a few NPCs require a lot of relationships to complete. Here we must act intelligently. Our goal is to get Lost Ark Virtue Points, right? We should try to target NPCs that don’t require a lot of connections and can reward us with the most Virtue Points.

For example, Nineveh requires 102,000 reports to complete. However, Elia in Eastern Lutera only requires 5900 Reports and she will reward you with Charisma Virtue Points.

Drink potions to increase Virtues in Lost Ark

Along with the other methods mentioned earlier in this guide, potions are key to greatly increasing characters’ Lost Ark Virtue stats. These potions belong to the category of edibles in this game. They are kinds of magic drinks that increase your character’s personality traits.

Each potion can increase that particular stat by ten. For example, consuming a potion of charisma will increase your charisma virtue stat points by ten. Potions are often rewarded by completing an NPC. Additionally, they can be achieved by building reputation with these NPCs and earning reputation rewards.

Using the Codex in Lost Ark

The codex can find everything
The codex can be used to find anything easily.

Suppose you haven’t used the codex yet. In this case, you are missing a convenient way to locate various things in Lost Ark. Other than that, by pressing Alt + D your codes can be activated. Also, you can find all of everything you are trying to find in this game.

If you go to codex and then character growth, the last four on the list will be courage, kindness, wisdom, and charisma. Check out the codex and explore it further; it makes the process easier and more fun. Now you know all about the codex, so why not check out our guide to Lost Ark Island.

Here we have explained everything about the Virtues of the Lost Ark and their importance. Additionally, they can be achieved by building reputation through relationship dialogue and complementing NPCs. We explained how and which NPCs can be more beneficial specifically for gaining more Virtues.

Other than that, we describe other ways like quests, skins, and potions to acquire these virtues effectively. We hope this guide explains everything about virtue stats.

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