Leadership Basics – An Analysis



I wrote this article in 2007. Here is the archive.

Jeffrey Pfeffer’s Business 2.0 columns always charge me with self-esteem and push me to go beyond the patterns of success, the ones I’m aware of. Integrity is an important quality, and therefore adaptability and enlightenment of constant personal development.

I tend to have developed this internal early warning system for tensions. What does it mean? I’m using a cheap hushmail account, blogspot as my blogging platform, because I’m indeed trying to prove something – it’s not about the blogging platform, it’s not about being a domainer is all about knowledge. Respect to HD Moore for always sticking to his black background, the exact same one I’ve been using for several months.

The pursuit of a utopian dream – perfection is an endless driving force, you know you can never be perfect, because it’s hard to define, but the constant thought of trying to achieve something unattainable could indeed lead you somewhere.

The ultimate question: what do others think of me? How will I be remembered when I’m gone? this is where the problem begins. Being called back means you’ve already left.

There are three different dimensions of the “I”, the one you really are, the one you want for me and the one people perceive you to be. You’d better focus more on who you really are so you can do better, and who you want to be, than end up being something other than “someone else’s expectation”, more or less a transparent hologram other people wanted you to be.

What would others say? What if they don’t like it? What if it undermined my self-confidence at the end of the day? Being hated or having a “fan club” means you are definitely up to something, all you need to break through is to believe it.

Hanging out with the winners of the day is a daily reality, but the reality is that real cyberpunks often hang out at a party or a con, away from populist talk, and yet another 10k keynote mind-booster. Still need a true story? Try Jessus, who was supposed to hang out with the posers, the ones who were supposed to excel in society at the time, but he still dined with the other parties.

For me, it’s always a matter of perspective and vision.

Reaching the “Trust no one” stage in your life means that you are definitely doing something, and more importantly that you have had the courage to rise above the consequences among the knives flying around, behind and above you are the opportunity costs you have sacrificed due to your behavior, such as less time spent chasing chicks for example.

People easily forget themselves in the euphoria of temporary success, and while even forgetting yourself means you were someone, that desperate cry for self-awareness is in itself a pitiful personal milestone.

Do not fight for the evaluation, but learn to praise yourself, be interested, not interesting, get out of definitions and question everything, even yourself.

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