Inner Man Project launches personal development program


“Having this sign in front of Titanium has been an absolute blessing. “Now we’re getting more and more traffic right across the street, people are just contacting us in the last three or four days that we’ve had it,” said co-founder Dylan Eckes. Chat News.

They were also able to take advantage of a $ 50,000 provincial grant they received in February.

This money will be used for a new 16 week personal development program. Which will focus on building life skills for men in our community.

“We need a goal,” Eckes said. “What it does is just create new skills and for men to see, ‘Okay, maybe I like to cook. Maybe I like going to the gym, maybe I just need to train differently. We have so many different aspects they can try their hand at.

Registration opens this weekend and will run through May 24, with the program starting the first week of June.

Eckes adds that they also hope to expand to Lethbridge and Red Deer by the end of the year.

“We are not only seeing growth in Medicine Hat, but we now have our peer sessions in Calgary, we are starting our peer sessions in Edmonton as they are launched. We hope that by the end of the year we will also be in Lethbridge and Red Deer, that way we will reach all the major hubs in Alberta.

For more information, visit The Inner Man Project website.


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