If You’re A Cancer, These Are Probably Your Favorite Types Of Songs


Cancer signs are known to be emotional – they relate more to their sensitive side than most other signs. Allure explains that Cancers are deeply intuitive and tend to be almost psychic in their ability to read people and understand the feelings and experiences of others. Cancers are represented by the crab, which means they have an outer shell: sometimes Cancers can come across as cold, aloof, or closed off to the world besides their closest family and friends. That being said, it’s just a self-defense mechanism, because in reality, they’re extremely sensitive.

Cancers are water signs like Scorpios and Pisces, which means they are creative, dreamy, and are traditionally deep thinkers who would rather stay and paint, or write poetry, than be exposed to the harsh outside world (via the New York Post). In fact, this sign is known as the homebody of the zodiac because they like to stay on the couch and watch a movie with their loved ones, family members, or friends more than anything else. They usually bake cookies or other snacks, as they also love to take care of their loved ones.

When it comes to a Cancer’s musical tastes, it makes sense that this sign loves songs steeped in deep, upsetting emotion (via Bustle). Either they’ll love listening to poetic singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell, or they’ll opt for all kinds of music that reminds them of the past, like their high school experiences or their wedding.


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