Hunter Students Describe Graduate Certificate Exam in Personal Development, Health, and Physical Education as a ‘Giveaway’ | Newcastle Herald



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HUNTER students called their personal development, health and physical education exam a “gift,” saying their abundant preparation made the questions easy to answer. Bishop Tyrrell Anglican College Fletcher students Jorja Stewardson and Laura Scott said they had studied hard to be able to say it was hard to criticize the newspaper. “It was amazing – I couldn’t have asked for better than this,” said Jorja, 17, who took her Mathematics Extension 1 exam an hour later. “It was probably one of the most generous papers of the entire review period.” Laura agreed it was “pretty good”. It was his last exam. “We prepared very well and knew the program.” Best friends said they each did all of the 2010 homework, plus homework and questions. The first section of the article is divided into multiple choice and short answer questions. Laura, 18, said the multiple choice was “easier than expected” and “good things”, while Jorja said it was “like a gift”. “We hardly had to think about it – but we practiced a lot.” They were equally relieved by the short answer questions. Jorja said she answered an eight-point question about building skills in a practice paper. They said the only question that puzzled them was what has been the trend for the leading cause of death – coronary heart disease – in men and women over the past decade. “I only had one word answer – decreasing, but it was a big box and was worth four points, so I’m not sure,” Jorja said. Laura said she also wrote the word descending, but added a statistic. The second section of the article asked students to answer a question about sports medicine and a question about improving performance. Each question had three parts, worth three, five and 12 marks. Laura said that the first part of each question was easy, but that she worried about how she answered each of the last parts, until she had time to talk to her. peers. She said the sports medicine question asked about sports policies and the sports environment, “which means you have to hit certain points on the program.” Jorja said she previously practiced a similar sports medicine question in a take-out trial. She gave the green light to the issue of improving performance. “It was totally different, but not difficult to handle,” she said. They had both practiced answering the three point performance improvement question as if it was worth 12 points. The girls, who both play competitive sports, said staying physically fit throughout the year also keeps them mentally fit. They ran together daily during distance learning and got together for “salads and a sunset” every Friday. Jorja credits her daily pre-exam gym session with “keeping me alert, happy, and eliminating any anxiety.” While you are with us, did you know that the Newcastle Herald offers last minute alerts, daily email newsletters and more? Stay up to date with all local news – sign up here




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