How to set personal development goals for work in 2022


Along with the older members of Gen Z, the younger millennials are expected to be the most optimistic about making New Year’s resolutions for 2022; this can be gleaned from online surveys conducted by Pureprofile and Baby boomers and members of the Silent Generation who took part in the polls were less likely to make resolutions.

When it comes to the type of New Year’s resolutions young Americans are making these days, most of them relate to health goals, but self-improvement and career goals aren’t far behind. . These are the categories under which we can classify personal development goals such as those often discussed on sites like

Establish career and work goals

Compared to popular New Year’s resolutions like quitting smoking or losing weight, you have a better chance of achieving your personal development goals. As one can imagine, losing weight is the most prone to failure resolution; the problem is that it is often done without a strategy. We are more likely to formulate personal development plans because we are more rational about it.

Start with the staff and career development goals is to determine if you are really satisfied with your current professional situation. In doing this, you have to look at it from all possible angles. This is an assessment that must be realistic; you might not be happy working as a bartender now, but if the career goal you have in mind results in lower pay, would you be able to assimilate such a change?

Before setting any real career goals for yourself, ask yourself the following questions:

* Do I feel appreciated in my work?

* Am I receiving adequate benefits?

* Are my efforts rewarded accordingly?

* Do I feel committed at work?

The answers to the questions above should guide you to the next step, which is figuring out what kind of career development would make you happy. If you decide to advance in the same industry, you will want to research skills that can help you in this regard. Data scientists, for example, are faced with new expectations related to the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning; these are emerging skills, and they could make a difference in terms of career advancement as well as higher pay.

Most people tend to be realistic about personal development goals; that’s what sets them apart from many New Year’s resolutions. The best practice is to be hyper-realistic. Practical nurses who wish to become registered nurses know they will need a bachelor’s degree or sufficient continuing education to challenge state board; it would be a question of finding a balance between professional and family obligations in order to have enough time to follow the necessary courses.

Finally, personal development goals must be highly achievable. If the goal is to get a master’s degree in business administration, instead of thinking about two years in advance, it is better to plan things one semester at a time, and the planning should take into account some important aspects. such as tuition fees.


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