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Players can use a Tome of Release, a rare consumable, to remove negative traits from their favorite heroes in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

During their reading of King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale, players may need to remove some of the negative traits from their favorite heroes. While some heroes have minor or no negative traits, a good portion of King Arthur: A Knight’s TaleThe cast of will have some negative traits that the player should keep in mind. A bit like the hit rogue-lite darkest dungeonparty members can have nasty traits that really inhibit the player’s ability to fully utilize the character.

In King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale, players will face many challenges. One of the most important aspects of the game is maintaining the health and loyalty of Sir Mordred’s knights. Heroes can be injured in battle, causing permanent character debuffs that require the player to leave that hero in the cathedral to recover. During this time, characters who oppose the player’s choices for Sir Mordred will have reduced combat effectiveness, or may even leave his retinue. Negative traits can exacerbate these difficulties for players, as they play through this dark version of Arthurian legend.


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Luckily, there is a method to remove these negative personality traits from the player’s favorite heroes in knight’s tale. During Sir Mordred’s tough campaign, players will be able to acquire a powerful consumable. This rare item, the Tome of Liberation, allows players to remove a negative trait from the character they use it on. Unfortunately, the removed trait is randomly selected from all of that character’s negative traits. This means that players wishing to remove a specific negative trait from certain heroes who have multiple negative traits, such as Sir Balin, the player may need to reload or get lucky to remove the desired trait.

Where to Acquire a Liberation Tome in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

During the player’s experience through the rogue-lite gameplay of King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale, players will be able to acquire the rare consumable needed to remove negative traits. Players looking to get their hands on one of these items can do so quite early in the game. To obtain this item, players will need to complete the Level 4 side mission “Forbidden Keep”.

After clearing the lands in the southeast part of the map, players will find a chest containing a random tome. It is important to note that the element received is defined during the entry. Therefore, with luck or by reloading the save file, players can earn a Tome of Liberation at the start of Sir Mordred’s quest through the dark world of King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale.

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King Arthur: A Knight’s Tale is currently available on PC via the Steam platform.

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