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When asked if they would recommend Wymondham High, all of the students we interviewed answered with a unanimous “yes”. It’s clear that the academy’s students are more than happy with their education, and here’s why.

“In terms of results, Wymondham High is one of the best performing schools in Norfolk.” Photo: Wymondham High School
– Credit: Archant

Demanding program

As a parent, you probably want to know that a school will have an “ambitious and engaging” program to help your child thrive and flourish academically.

“When it comes to results, Wymondham High is one of the best performing schools in Norfolk,” said Mr. Rockey, Principal of Wymondham High.

“But we also place great emphasis on equipping students with the skills, understanding and the right level of confidence and humility to prepare them for the future and help them lead successful and fulfilling lives.”

Wymondham High is an 11-18 mixed academy.  Photo: Wymondham High School

Wymondham High is an 11-18 mixed academy. Photo: Wymondham High School
– Credit: Archant

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He goes on to explain that they “offer all students a broad and balanced program” so that they can “master each subject in a favorable, focused and ambitious environment”. The program is designed as a seven-year course and is divided into three sections:

Core – this is designed for students to gain a solid understanding of key concepts. Students focus on core subjects and develop their skills in performing and visual arts, technology and foreign languages.

Concentrated – mastery is at the center of this point in the program journey. Students choose five subjects to study in depth in addition to core subjects, which keeps them engaged in learning. All students study a language and either history or geography during these three years.

Honors – students study 3-4 A Levels with the option of an EPQ or Core Maths. They are challenged and supported throughout and encouraged to research and consider their future destinations.

A former student says: “Personally, I liked sports the most. Not just on the competitive side, but also because it meant I could hang out with friends and get to know different people. There are so many things to get involved in, like public speaking and debate teams, as well as after-school clubs in science, design and technology and art.

How does the academy promote student well-being?

“During the COVID-19 lockdown, the focus on support was very visible,” says a sixth-grade student at the academy.

“The teachers are always there to talk to you about any problem or problem you may be facing, whether inside or outside the school. But surprisingly, support was even better during the lockdown, with teachers frequently contacting us to monitor us. Mental wellness is a priority at Wymondham High.

The academy has a large team dedicated to pastoral care and well-being, enabling them to ensure that students are happy and healthy.

What facilities does the school have?

Being a decidedly large community of over 1,700 students, Wymondham High has plenty of green and open spaces, multiple social areas and, of course, plenty of equipped classrooms.

Some of the most notable features are the newly designed theater studio, film study hall, technology rooms, brand new canteen and state-of-the-art library.

An educational journey

Mr. Rockey believes students should take a journey as soon as they enter high school, focusing on personal and academic growth to help them become confident and ready for the world to come.

“School shouldn’t be all about getting good grades,” says Rockey.

“We see our academy as a journey for students, in which they learn from a broad and balanced curriculum, expand their understanding and love for various forms of sports and the art, and ultimately flourish as than individuals. ”

After asking the students how they had grown up during their time at Wymondham High, they were all able to identify what the school had helped them develop into. It included things like confidence, independence, passion and love for learning.

To expectant parents and students, a sixth said: “Wymondham High and Sixth Form provides students with an unforgettable experience and successfully helps them on the path they want to take – it’s a great place to learn. “

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Find them at Folly Road, Wymondham, Norfolk NR18 0QT


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