Gianna Brown Delivers Cutting-Edge Personal Development Program For Everyone


Gianna partners with school, colleges, businesses, and many other professionals to deliver groundbreaking workshops.

Preparing today’s students for emerging or undeveloped careers is a significant challenge for educators in the American education system. In response to this challenge, a growing shift aims to ensure that students have transcendent and transferable skills, including academic, technical and employability skills, to access current career paths, education and training opportunities. postsecondary and careers of the future. Career development and college preparation programs give young people tools and opportunities to acquire information and skills that will help them align their interests with possible jobs while exploring multiple avenues to enter the market. work.

The benefits of participating in college preparation and personal development programs are significant for students from historically underserved backgrounds and low-income families, as these programs may encompass work experiences (including work experience). workplace learning and internships) and improve equity by making these experiences available to students who might otherwise not have access to workplace learning opportunities. As a compassionate and licensed consultant, Gianna Brown offers professional development, college preparation and financial literacy programs. Every day, she partners with young people, adults, businesses and families to improve their state of mind and their economic trajectory. The ultimate goal is to create a goal-oriented, practical, motivating, action-oriented and time-bound life plan.

In addition to the TRIO and CIS programs, Gianna offers participants one-on-one support and comprehensive programming to promote academic success, personal growth and a meaningful sense of community. Additionally, his two books, Budget Like A Boss & Just Rise Up, further catapult readers from diverse backgrounds to thrive in a holistic way.

His company, known internationally as “The Money Cheerleader,” proves that with exemplary leadership, the right level of joy, and the right budget, everyone in their program achieves life-changing transformations. Designing and delivering quality professional development for young people requires careful planning and implementation to achieve the desired results. With the responsibility for excellence in her work and actions, Gianna’s business is to develop meaningful relationships based on trust, respect and mutual fulfillment, be they peers, teachers. -students, managers-employees or companies-clients. Gianna is well known for her invented motto, “give every dollar a goal”, and she guides people down the stairwell to a fulfilling life and a golden legacy.

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