Gemini: the astrological sign warned of a potential “confusion” this weekend


Each star sign of the zodiac has different qualities, needs, and desires when it comes to finding love and being in love. Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, is represented by the twins.

Geminis are described as curious, affectionate and kind.

But what are their love traits and which star sign are they most compatible with?

According to, Geminis enjoy dating so much that they consider activity a “skill.”

Astrologers say: “Gemini are good at pulling first dates out of their shells, and they rarely have a bad date – because this sign steeped in optimism will always find something positive about the person. they encounter or the conversation they shared.”

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However, it’s hard for Geminis to take the next step after a date. This may be because they are independent and they don’t want to give that up for someone they aren’t 100% sure of. continued: “And while Geminis aren’t dishonest, their ruler Mercury makes them particularly adept at telling others what they want to hear – which some might perceive as driving people around.

“Gemini aren’t bound by convention. If they end up partnering with someone who isn’t the type their friends or family would have expected, well, Gemini doesn’t care.

“Once in love, Gemini aren’t afraid to make their own rules (with their partner of course) about what the relationship looks like.”

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The best couple in love with Gemini is Aries.

This may be because the fire sign is intense and passionate, just like Gemini.

The two signs are also fiercely independent, which could lead to an unconventional romance.

Other signs that attract Gemini are Leo and Libra.

But what does Geminis have in store for us today, March 10?

Astrologers have urged those born under the sign of Twins to ‘go with the flow’, saying: ‘Today’s celestial atmosphere encourages you to forge ahead when it comes to a particular partnership, and in same time makes you fully aware that what you are doing may be a bit premature.

“You are in a situation where you seem to take one step forward and two steps back.

“Maybe it’s time to surrender and go with the flow.”

When it comes to weekends, some issues might arise, but they don’t need to be addressed right away. explained, “A subconsciously driven cosmic encounter between the sun and Neptune in aquatic Pisces over the weekend has been evoking deeply hidden emotions for some time.

“In true Pisces style, however, you might choose to push them away in your subliminal mind rather than deal with them now.”

But for some Pisces — those in a relationship or potential relationship, Neptune in Pisces could “confuse you and keep you from making good decisions.”

The astrologers added: “If you have any doubts, wait. There’s no need to rush before you’re ready, Gemini.


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