From Aries to Libra: 4 zodiac signs compatible with Randeep Hooda


Born on 20e August 1976 Randeep Hooda is a Leo. Bollywood actor Randeep Hooda’s career began with supporting roles on the big screen. After many years of hard work, the actor’s chart has become one of the country’s most recognizable stars. Typically justifying his zodiac personality traits, the actor enjoys the learning curve of his career and excels in its challenges. Leo is a sign that, once committed, will stand by your side through thick and thin. In general, other fire signs and air signs make Leo best friends and partners in both romantic and social situations.

Here we offer you 4 zodiac signs compatible with a Leo sign like Randeep Hooda.

1. Aries

Because they both have strong personalities, they can make a great couple. They make a powerful couple because of their mutual energy and courage, which allows them to accomplish anything in life. Leo can keep up with Aries in terms of effort, and Aries is ready to try any crazy idea Leo has. They will always find a way to have fun because they are both bold and playful signs.


2. Gemini

Since each encourages the other to nurture more joy in their lives, a committed relationship between a Leo and a Gemini can feel rejuvenating for both partners. Both signs are inspiring and empowering. Leo can make their Gemini mate feel appreciated because they are such a devoted partner.


3. Libra

Leo is a fire sign and Libra is an air sign, so these two signs naturally complement each other and work well together. These two signs continually encourage each other by cutting simple lines and insightful observations. With these two, things never get boring because they have so much energy and passion between them.


4. Sagittarius

When two people with these sun signs interact, love will inevitably blossom between them. When two people with these sun signs meet, they are almost likely to start a relationship since Leo and Sagittarius are a combination of fire signs. When they form a relationship, they experience even more energy. They have the same vitality and zeal for life.

The aforementioned zodiac signs can win and keep a Leo man like Randeep Hooda in love.

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