EXp to acquire SUCCESS, a personal development company in the media


EXp World holdings is in the process of acquiring SUCCESS Enterprises and its personal development properties, which include a print magazine, website, newsletters and podcasts.

EXp World holdings to acquire SUCCESS Enterprises and its personal development focused media properties which include print magazine, website, newsletters, podcasts, training courses and media accounts social. The company announced the acquisition onstage at its eXpCON virtual event on Thursday.

Glenn Sanford | Photo credit: eXp World Holdings

The parent company of eXp Realty and VirBELA will use the acquisition to create another source of income, while also offering its own real estate agents and other business leaders on-demand coaching and digital personal development courses.

“Since its inception, eXp has viewed personal development as a key element in the success of real estate professionals,” said Glenn Sanford, CEO and Founder of eXp World Holdings, in a statement. “We have started distributing SUCCESS magazine to every eXp agent and broker as part of this commitment to help them succeed at the highest level. “

“When the opportunity to acquire SUCCESS was presented to me by Stuart Johnson and Success Partners, I was everywhere, because of what the publication means to me and to so many sellers and entrepreneurs,” added Sanford.

EXp will continue to invest and expand the company’s existing brand, which it says will be an investment in its own people, by extension. The company could, in the future, integrate the SUCCESS guarantees into the virtual world platform VirBELA, which already contains a coaching and development program.

Grand View Research, a market research firm, valued the company at $ 38 billion in 2019. With this acquisition, eXp World Holdings acquires a presence in print magazines with more than 6 million readers, as well as intellectual property and assets in the personal development industry.

The acquisition is similar to the acquisition of VirBELA by the company two years earlier, in that eXp World Holdings is acquiring a company of which it was a client and will continue to develop its current activities.

The acquisition likely won’t be completed until 2021, so details – including cost – are still scarce, but the existing SUCCESS team will remain in place, including Kindra Hall, the main storytelling office; Lauren Cannon, Director of Digital and Commerce and Josh Ellis, Editor-in-Chief. Don Hobbs will join as president and lead brand strategy and expansion.

“The mission of eXp World Holdings and SUCCESS are naturally aligned,” Ellis said in a statement. “More people than ever are looking for work in the independent economy or concerts, as well as all forms of ‘solopreneurship’.

“To be competitive in this growing market, many will be looking for the personal development resources needed to help them learn new skills,” Ellis added. “Our first offering together will combine our expertise and perspective with eXp Virbela’s immersive technology platform to help these people reach their greatest potential.”

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