“Every situation is a chance to grow and improve” is the message of Kevin Baptista’s new book


The author believes that success can be achieved by consciously making better decisions every day.

There are those who are born with the privilege of security without having too many worries. However, there are others that are not. Revolutionary Leadership with Kevin Baptista (now available on Amazon) takes readers through the author’s journey from a life of danger and lack of motivation to a mindset of hard work, positive pressures, and reaping the rewards of those pressures.

Kevin Baptista is the co-author of an anthology with Matt Morris. He grew up in Boston, MA, where he experienced hardship and gang violence. Throughout this experience, he learned to strive for something greater: a life that inspires others to be their best selves. His passions are spending quality time with his family and improving himself as a human being on a daily basis. Her mission is to empower people and show them that it’s never too late to make their dreams come true. Knowing that negativity is what keeps us from dreaming big dreams and working hard for them, Baptista advises his readers with the following words: “Negativity is always around us, and we cannot control how others see the world, nor should we try to. We have the light within us. It’s like peeling the layers off that onion and looking inside; that’s where we’ll find that diamond.

Everyone wants a good life, but are they ready to make it a reality without giving excuses? Baptista, having gone through the difficulties of being surrounded by gang life, decided that enough was enough and it was time for a change. He began to focus on the pressures that influenced him to seek a better and more positive life.

Action, according to Baptista, is what is needed to engage the good influence that everything has on itself. We can turn to all good sources and get inspiration to do many things, but without action, everything is useless. Action is the catalyst that drives positive change.

“With action, you feel a certain pressure. The pressure you put on yourself! Pressure is what triggers the process of forming a diamond,” says Baptista.

Revolutionary Leadership with Kevin Baptista deserves a place on every shelf, especially for those looking for the motivation to get out of a sticky situation. Baptista’s story will teach them that peeling back all the layers of their struggles is worth it when they find the diamond hidden inside of them.

Amanda, a cosmetologist, explains Baptista’s ability to connect and inspire others: “Kevin is one of the most humble, down to earth, positive human beings I have ever met. He exhibits amazing qualities and personality traits. He was an inspiration not only to me but to many others! He is always ambitious as he constantly pushes for greatness and success. I’m amazed at how well one individual (Kevin) can manage. He manages his time between his family, his job, our date nights and continues to find ways to make our family more successful or what he can do to come up with different ideas to get things done. His patience, gratitude and ambition inspire me and so many others. I couldn’t be more proud and grateful to God. He brought me an amazing human being and father for our daughter. But God also brought him here to inspire the souls of others.

Manny, an entrepreneur, beautifully describes Baptista’s sense of perseverance: “Hardworking, dedicated, noble and determined – a few words that describe Kevin Baptista. With his passion, energy and love of life, he has not only changed my life, but I firmly believe he has the ability to change the world and make an eternal name for himself. He is the true definition of perseverance.

Revolutionary Leadership with Kevin Baptista is now for sale on Amazon.

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