CPO: Your license is your personal development


Government Chief of Staff Sheridane Warner and Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris seen during a past media event at government headquarters

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts (Monday, March 29, 2021) – Sheridane Warner, director of government personnel, is cited as advising civil servants with a bachelor’s degree that their expectations of being paid for their certification will not automatically be granted by the State as employer.

The revelation was made in a government circular dated March 22, 2021 which is signed by CPO Warner and addressed to a number of senior civil servants.

The circular, which has made its way on social media, warns civil servants with a bachelor’s degree but not yet in a paid post at graduate level, that the civil service will not automatically recognize their graduate status and will not will not pay them as graduates.

The CPO is seen to state that while the human resources management department praises the success of workers, the degree obtained is seen only as the “personal development” of the individual.

The statement shows that Warner articulates a government position of welcoming graduate civil servants into positions as the only way to pay them for their certification and skills. Warner reportedly wrote that “unless they (graduate civil servants) can be accommodated in a position in a degree scale, they will not be paid for the degree.”

The head of government human resources management is also seen as communicating to bachelor’s degree holders that it will be during graduate vacancies that they will be able to compete for the required positions and salary, “since they have already have the necessary qualifications ”.

The Labor spokesperson spoke with a former permanent secretary and civil service reform specialist who stressed that although the CPO is right in its understanding of the rules, the circular does not provide civil servants with basic information . The specialist said officials should know that higher-level positions in the service start at the K33 pay scale (or $ 4,495 per month). In the conversation, the irony was pointed out that there are officials who have been appointed to higher grades on the K33 salary scale, but do not have any diplomas.

“These are inequalities in the system that need to be corrected,” said the expert, speaking of the lack of a comprehensive job analysis and evaluation program that has been needed for some time to give every job. post to government an appropriate value. According to our specialist, this would allow public workers to be paid according to the value of their work as well as their certification.

However, the civil service expert said the service is not devoid of options that can help these graduate workers until they are promoted to higher-level positions. During the conversation, the spokesperson learned that these workers may receive a performance or responsibility allowance in the interim, as these officers will often be asked to take on additional roles “because they already have the qualifications. required”.

The specialist further pointed out that the part of the press release that speaks to the CPO about considering the diploma as a personal development of the worker was “not artfully worded”.

“Investing workers in their education is just the start. It is up to the Human Resources Management Department to properly manage the pool of enhanced resources at its disposal. These are talents available to the public service that it can use to better deliver public goods to the people.

The former civil servant concluded by addressing the CPO’s mention that it is on vacant positions in the public service that civil servants will be able to compete for positions with the observation that there has been no publication of vacant positions. in the public service for some time.

It was pointed out that the absence of such opportunities leaves officials in the dark and being ignored. It is understood that in a competitive position, as mentioned in the press release, the government would invite applications from officials interested in the advertised positions and that all government promotions and hires would be based on merit.

“While the CPO has said what politicians say, in principle, officials do not benefit from these provisions in reality,” the expert warned, speaking of “the continued interference of politicians who despise the power of the office public and adversely affect its ability to function effectively.

This publication, which is owned by the St. Kitts-Nevis Trades and Labor Union workers’ representation organization, advises public servants and all workers in general to become more active in knowing their rights and responsibilities at work. Workers are encouraged to take every opportunity they have to engage your employer through the Human Resources office for more information on their rights.


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