Cat Cafe Manager will bring its shop to Switch in April



Freedom Games and developer Roost Games announced that Cat cafe manager will be released for Nintendo Switch in April. Now you too can open and manage your very own cafe filled with tons of furry felines that are friendly to customers. But having cats everywhere doesn’t make you a good manager, because you’ll still be in charge of opening and running your own cafe. Along with the Nintendo Switch, the game will be released on both PC on Steam and the Epic Games Store on April 14, 2022. You can check out the game’s latest trailer below with more information on how the game is performing. will take place. .

Promotional work for Cat cafe managercourtesy of Freedom Games.

Welcome to the village of Caterwaul, home to friendly faces, cute kittens looking for a good home, and the crumbling ruins of Granny’s once-thriving cafe. As the newest resident of Caterwaul, follow in the family’s footsteps to reopen the cafe, create a delicious menu of dishes, and make it the most perfect dining spot in town while uncovering its mysterious, and possibly magical, secrets. . Restore Granny’s Cafe to its former glory by purchasing a host of interior decorations and hiring a team of enthusiastic felines to serve customers. Adopt the four-legged residents of Caterwaul, learn their personality traits and quirks, while boosting the bistro’s appeal.

Befriend regulars like Bonner, a friendly smuggler with a penchant for storytelling, to learn more about the village and earn gifts from new friends. Expand the cafe to provide additional rooms and even more kittens. Mix interior design elements like wallpaper and furniture to create a bespoke style that reflects the café’s personality. Mix and match décor and menu offerings to appeal to different customer groups and increase your profits. With enough hard work, cats, and creativity, Granny’s humble cafe may become Caterwaul’s most popular destination.

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