Cancer Personality Traits: Loyal And Empathetic, But People Of This Zodiac Sign Resent Others


Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer personality traits: Cancer is the fourth astrological sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by the moon and its sign resembles a crab. Cancerians are very loyal, empathetic, protective, emotional, and clingy. They are very sentimental and can immediately fall in love with anyone. It is difficult for them to express their true feelings to the other person and it takes them a long time to accept it. They are the ones who cannot live without love and see no one suffering. But, once they are hurt, they shut down all of their emotional responses. They are the most compassionate lovers and light up their partner’s mood in the blink of an eye. They love adventure and like to have a good time with others. They have an inbuilt power of intuition which helps them know the other person easily. They have a very strong imaginative sense which helps them in writing, they are creative which helps them in artistic and cultural matters.

On the other hand, Cancerians are tough on the outside and soft on the inside. It is very difficult to manipulate a Cancer. They have different moods and an unpredictable nature that changes very frequently. One minute they’re laughing and the next they’re crying, these mood swings are often part of their way of life. Cancerians who are ruled by the moon have a common problem of holding a grudge against someone for a long time, they cannot forget things easily. They are resentful towards certain people and do not open their anger until it becomes very huge and explodes once it crosses the line.

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Cancer patients have a good compatibility with these signs:

  • Virgo – They have good compatibility with Virgo, they both connect on an emotional level. They also face clashes on different levels, but overall they share an incredible bond.
  • Taurus – They also have good compatibility with Cancer as the two share some commonalities. Both like to take care of their loved ones, and they are loyal, highly emotional, and extremely ambitious, which makes their chemistry more interesting.
  • Scorpio – They share a good bond with Cancer on many levels. Cancer and Scorpio take time to establish their relationship, once they are in love, they become stronger. There are also positions where Scorpio finds it difficult to work things out between them and the problem begins.
  • Pisces – These are the most compatible pairs. They are known for their wonderful chemistry as they fell in love at first sight.
  • Leo – They are well matched with each other. They are both full of love, compassion and empathy for others. In fact, these signs are known to give love to the sign than the zodiac signs that are less privileged with love.
  • Capricorn – They can both train together, but they have to be more patient on different levels.

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Cancer patients are less compatible with these signs:

Gemini – Cancer and Gemini don’t mix, they’re opposites to each other. They are totally different in nature and have frequent fallouts as their views do not match each other.

Aries – They are the complete opposite of Cancer, where Aries likes to explore the world, while Cancer likes to spend more time at home. They can maintain their long-term relationship, but the only thing that can keep them apart is their age difference.
Sagittarius – Both signs struggle to train at the same pace. They have harmful relationships that don’t last long.
Aquarius – They don’t make a suitable pair as the two are opposed to each other, where Cancer is clingy, Aquarius dislikes touchiness. In their relationship, Cancer will be more likely to make the first move to impress Aquarius.
Libra – Cancer and Libra don’t mix. They have different ideas and goals. They live their life according to their own will and it becomes difficult for them to agree.

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