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In recent months Boris Johnson has had to endure a number of difficult times as prime minister, facing calls for the resignation of members of his own Conservative party. Allegations of government parties breaking Covid rules – and the Tory scandal last year – have all had an impact on how the Prime Minister is perceived by the public. But what did the latest results reveal?

According to Ipsos MORI – a UK-based market research firm – Mr Johnson is now considered to have fewer leadership credentials than Mr Starmer and Mr Sunak.

His latest UK Political Pulse survey asked the public whether or not a host of personality traits applied to the three people in question.

The research was carried out between February 1 and 2 and involved 1,143 participants from across the British Isles, aged 18 or over.

Overall, Mr. Starmer was found to lead the PM in the following traits:

  • Attention to detail (+27%)
  • Being honest (+26%)
  • Being in contact with ordinary people (+16%)
  • Country Priority (+15%)
  • Understanding the issues facing Britain (+14%)
  • Be a PM people are/would be proud of (+11%)
  • Be a competent leader (+10%)

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“Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak lead the Prime Minister on a host of personality traits with honesty, attention to detail and putting the country first in both matchups.”

What is Boris Johnson’s popularity rating?

Currently, YouGov has Mr Johnson’s approval rating at 22% – the lowest figure since he was appointed Prime Minister in July 2019.

The firm asked between 1,623 and 3,326 British adults: “Do you think Boris Johnson is doing well or badly as Prime Minister?”.

More than 70% of those polled said Mr Johnson was doing poorly as Prime Minister, while 5% said they were unsure.

Figures are correct as of January 17, with searches performed on a monthly basis.

According to betting agent Ladbrokes, Mr Johnson is 9/2 to formally announce his resignation before the end of February.

Mr Sunak remains the 13/8 favorite to replace him as Tory leader.


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