Avoid These Crystals If You’re A Gemini


If you are a Gemini, using crystals can be very beneficial for you. Many stones are said to pair very well with Gemini traits such as blue topaz, which the sign can use to help combat worry and anxiety (via Sarah Scoops). Meanwhile, Clear Quartz is also a good match for the air sign, as it can help with mental clarity and keep the sign focused on their goals. However, if you’re working with clear quartz, Gemini will also want to keep it away from malachite, as any negative thoughts or feelings could be amplified by the stone. The same goes for Green Aventurine, which also clashes with Clear Quartz, per Hobbyist Geek.

Smoky Quartz is another great crystal for Gemini as it can be used to dispel depression, anger, fear, and negative thoughts. White sapphire can also be used if Gemini is looking to feel a deeper connection to their spiritual side. Plus, Tiger’s Eye is perfect for keeping Gemini safe on all trips. Unfortunately, Gemini may have to choose between their Tiger’s Eye or their Smoky Quartz because they tend to cancel out and don’t pair well (via Divine Twist). Additionally, Geminis may want to steer clear of Amazonite, which also conflicts with Tiger’s Eye’s relaxing and peaceful benefits.


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