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Riverdale has been a wild rollercoaster ride since its premiere in 2017, and the show’s characters have kept viewers on the edge of their seats. by Riverdale the dark versions of Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and the rest of the gang are now household names, and their personalities have almost entirely replaced their cheerful comic book counterparts.

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Archie and company. are generally very consistent in their dialogue and the things they talk about on the show, but sometimes they say things that are completely off the mark. There are rare instances where the lines of them are completely opposite to who they are as people, and it’s quite nice to figure them out.


Archie Andrews

“We will find you, we will hunt you and we will kill you.”

The hero of the series has always been a protector, even when the worst things happened to him. Archie believed in keeping the peace and his actions almost always focused on growing and improving the city, and not otherwise. The only time he acted unusual was when he initiated the Red Circle, which made him want to hunt, kill, and destroy people.

It went against Archie’s inherently kind and sensitive personality and was one of the few times he threatened his town. The loving and musical Archie would never say something like that.

Betty Cooper

“It’s a fun girls chat.”

Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper Riverdale

While Betty can rock pastel colors, cute sweaters, and a blonde ponytail, blue-eyed Cooper was a far cry from a stereotypical high school teenager when she was young. She didn’t sit with her clique and gossip about boys and other girly things – Betty enjoyed tracking down serial killers and often even engaging in crime herself.

Even as one of the few characters to change for the better after the time jump, his fondness for the dark and the criminal hasn’t gone away. Girl-on-girl talk and laughter were the last things Betty indulged in.

Veronique Lodge

“Yeah sure mum. No problem. I’ll just sexually manipulate Archie into doing whatever I want.”

In the early seasons, Veronica and Hermione share a contentious relationship. They loved each other, but also argued about Hiram and his plans, which led to many sarcastic back and forths between mother and daughter.

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This was one of the instances where Veronica, exasperated by the games Hiram and Hermione dragged her into, sardonically said that line, which is the complete opposite of what the Mafia princess would ever do. Ronnie loved Archie with all her heart, and she would never do anything to hurt him, let alone plot or plot against his true love. Her affections for Archie were an integral part of her psyche, so any manipulative talk against him was impossible.

jughead jones

“We’re not going to kiss in front of this whole town. So why don’t we both do this brother thing where we nod like showers and suppress our emotions to each other.”

The former beanie-sports writer was the opposite of a jock – he was smart, thoughtful and understanding, which is why he was friends with Archie. Jughead would never be afraid to hug a pal, cry tears in front of others, or share someone’s grief.

Jughead didn’t subscribe to the toxic masculinity that other men in Riverdale had chosen to adopt, resulting in much of the murder and destruction in the city. The young man had evolved beyond society’s expectations, especially since so many terrible things had happened to him. Suppressing feelings and being “manly” weren’t Jughead’s traits.

Kevin Keller

“Every fairy tale comes with the same warning, good children should never go into the woods alone.”

Sweet but unpredictable, Kevin’s personality depended a lot on finding his identity and getting comfortable in his own skin, which didn’t happen for a long time, even after the time jump when he became adult. Doing night cruises in Fox Forest was a big part of Kevin’s daily routine.

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This routine had existed since he was in school because the only way for him to get anything resembling affection back then was in the forest. So when Kevin said something that cautioned against going into the woods, it was pretty much against his temper, kinda funny.

Toni Topaz

“Well well well. If it isn’t Mrs. Winchester herself! Have you come for another surprise visit, Cheryl?”

Toni and Cheryl were by Riverdale best couple, and the way they broke up was quite shocking. The Serpent was known for his kindness, especially to Cheryl, so when she made that cutting remark after they had all grown up, it didn’t seem natural for the audience to watch.

Granted, Cheryl had locked herself away like the cursed Mrs. Winchester, so Toni must have been upset about the lack of communication, but people generally expect empathy from the counselor at Riverdale High. The time jump had altered relationships and the way the former lovers viewed each other.

Hiram Lodge

“I know you don’t want to hear from me right now, but I’m still proud of you.”

Hiram Lodge is considering his next move to Riverdale

Papa Lodge was not the usual warm and encouraging father. He lived differently and the relationship he shared with his daughter Veronica was quite unconventional. Like a mob boss, he was tough as hell, and he passed that quality on to Ronnie, who was as competitive as he was. The two constantly bump heads, so those proud fatherly words had fans stopping and staring in shock.

He usually threatened people, even young people swore to destroy them, or insulted them in any way possible. It was foreign and very different from Hiram to express his love for Veronica in such clear words.

Cheryl’s Flower

“Jughead. I am sorry. I had no right to hit you like I did that day.

The Riverdale High bombshell had a fearsome reputation, and she kept it that way. Cheryl struck fear into the hearts of her peers and adults as she only had mean, condescending and sarcastic things to say most of the time. She didn’t know when to think before she spoke, which added to her menacing aura.

Apologizing is pretty weird for Cheryl, so when this one was spoken to Jughead, fans wondered who replaced the real Blossom offspring and what did she want. It was nothing like him.

Tabitha Tate

“Oh, because he’s also my boyfriend, dad.”

Tabitha at the Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe taking orders from Riverdale customers

Neighborhood newcomer Tabitha Tate hadn’t been on the show for very long, but her resilient, independent nature was evident from the start. Tabitha didn’t like depending on people to get by, so she got her dream job in Chicago, then quit and came to Pop’s Chock’Lit Shop to revive it.

Therefore, flaunting a boyfriend was the very last thing Tate would do, but to irritate her controlling father, she went against her own beliefs and spontaneously made Jughead her partner, and even reveled in it. very vocally.

Reggie coat

“Let the tickle games begin!”

Reginald had a character that evolved a lot over the seasons. He started out as an emotionless jock (or someone who kept them well under control), a player who liked multiple women, and then someone with a lot more depth. The audience learned about his past, and it all made sense, but somewhere in the middle, he joined a tickle circle.

Inexplicably, Reggie was completely okay with Kevin’s sideways fuss, even though usually his character would be very much against it. He was so into it that he found this catchphrase hilarious but unnatural.

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