5 things you need to know before dating a Sagittarius man


Do you think knowing basics like culture, background, and date of birth is enough to start dating someone? Well, a big no! Knowing your future boo’s zodiac sign can help you decode their personality, behavior, love traits, and even your sexual compatibility. Sagittarius men are carefree, optimistic, outspoken, and famous for their fun nature. More than that, they are quite playful in bed and if you fall in love with a Sagittarius man, then prepare for endless laughs and adventures, because men with this zodiac sign are quite exciting, loving and caring.

Here are 5 things you need to know before dating a Sagittarius man that will help you navigate your love life with this fire sign.

1. Open to everything

Being a fire sign, the Sagittarius man is restless, spontaneous, and looking to think outside the box to bring the thrill and excitement his way. For the greatest love satisfaction, he delves deep into his lover’s personality and tries to find an attribute that resembles him, amplifying his sporadic quirks. If you have a crush on a Sagittarius man, you should be ready to step out of your comfort zone and pave the way for new things. Also, never forget to add enthusiasm to every step or effort you make! After all, he adores a strong, practical partner.

2. Hates emotional dependence

A Sagittarius man is a pragmatic man! He won’t be a boyfriend always stuck in emotionalism, but he would like his partner to have a life of her own. That doesn’t mean he’s rude or practices emotional detachment, but they’re more like wanderers who like to explore and talk with their practical know-how instead of just talking about nothing.

3. A little slow on engagement

Well, this one is a little tough and can shatter your fantasies of happily ever after with a Sagittarius guy. Pinning a guy with this zodiac sign is a little tricky and he can take a long time to utter those words of serious commitment compared to any other guy. However, don’t force them because he loves his freedom and may resent you for this behavior forever. Either put up with his flippant nature or hold back your feelings and wait for him to talk about his emotional state. There is no in-between!

4. Always funny

The Sagittarius man is funky, cool and can make you laugh out loud as he has a great sense of humor. Not only that, he really enjoys connecting with people on a daily basis, a trait of their nature. He’s an extrovert, say things to your face without any plastic or a layer of sugar wrapped around it. Moreover, he will always take you on his crazy and thrilling adventures once he is sure that you are not going to snatch his freedom from him in any way. So if you want to impress a Sagittarius man, don’t settle for commitment or emotionalism.

always funny

5. Ideal in bed

When it comes to making love, Sagittarius believes in taking it up a notch and is a very passionate and sensual lover! It has great movements that will make you feel wanted and leave you with complete satisfaction. Not only does he believe in a fiery love session, but men with this sign are also crazy about cuddling and cuddling under the sheets.

great in bed

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