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New Peacemaker series on HBO Max created a terrifying and terrible villain in Auggie Smith, the father of Peacemaker. He is also the supervillain White Dragon, though DC Comics fans will know that there are many substantial differences between the live-action version of the character and the various iterations that have appeared in the comics over the years.

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The White Dragon shares some personality traits with the DCEU version and similar armor, but the biographical details are very different. The DCEU version of White Dragon combines aspects of the various comics about the character, as well as Peacemaker’s real father. Together, they form one of the DCEU’s most revolting characters.


No connection to Peacemaker in the comics

Peacemaker points the reader in DC Comics.

One thing fans of the series won’t find in some of the best Peacemaker comics is the white dragon. The two characters actually have no relationship in DC Comics, and the villain has never really crossed paths with Peacemaker in his various guises.

Peacemaker’s father is a racist and supremacist, but the live-action version borrows from other sources in the comics to create a new character in Auggie Smith, played by Robert Patrick.

Father of the Peacemaker

Wolfgang Schmidt takes on Peacemaker in DC Comics.

Elements of Peacemaker’s father from the comics inform the live-action version, but he is a separate character from White Dragon. Comic book fans know that Peacemaker’s father was a Nazi soldier. Although her father died, he continued to haunt the character.

His father would in many ways become one of the most powerful Peacemaker villains in the comics, thanks to his power and his impact on Christopher Smith’s mental state. In many ways, the live-action version borrows some of these elements from Peacemaker’s father.

The first white dragon

DC Comics White Dragon Peacemaker

DC Comics’ first White Dragon was Daniel William Ducannon. He was a vigilante who first appeared in Hawkworld #27 in 1992. His racist beliefs led him to several run-ins with superheroes, including Hawkwoman and the Suicide Squad.

Aspects of her persona informed the live-action version of the character, including her armored attire. Other elements are original to the Peacemaker series, making it more of an amalgamation of the various comic book versions.

The meta-bomb event

An alien attacks Earth on the cover of the Invasion 1 comic.

White Dragon gained his pyrokinesis and flight superpowers from what was known as the Meta-Bomb event, a cataclysmic moment of Invasion!the 1989 DC Comics crossover. This bomb activated the meta-gene in humans, making them superhumans.

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The first white dragon could generate fire and also control it as a result of this event. It doesn’t look like the live-action version of the DCEU has these superpowers, though it’s possible he could reveal them by the end of the series.

the last laugh

The White Dragon uses his powers in the Joker The Last Laugh comic.

The Joker is one of the best Batman villains in the comics, but he’s one of the biggest threats to the entire world. He proved that in Joker: Last Laughwhen he joked many villains who had been incarcerated at Slabside, including White Dragon.

At this point, the White Dragon had been captured and was undergoing treatment for cancer. When Joker attacked the penitentiary, he transformed him into a frenzied villain who went on a rampage with his pyrokinetic powers.

William Hell

William Hell makes his first appearance in DC Comics.

Ducannon was actually preceded by another white dragon in DC Comics. A character named William Heller, better known as William Hell, made his first appearance in suicide squad #4, in a costume very different from his eventual armored look.

William Hell is as racist and supremacist as Ducannon, and became a vigilante who targeted the disenfranchised. He himself became a target of the Suicide Squad in the comics, but like many villains, his connection to that team would take an interesting turn.

Member of the Suicide Squad

White Dragon joins the Suicide Squad in DC Comics.

Comic book fans know that Suicide Squad is made up of a number of unsavory characters, including former villains. One of them was White Dragon. William Hell joined the team after being chased by them, and his armor was fitted with a shock device to ensure his obedience.

He never changed his ways and in fact attempted to kill Amanda Waller, the leader of Task Force X, and take over Suicide Squad. As is usually the case with characters who take on Amanda Waller, this didn’t work to White Dragon’s advantage.

shocking death

Plastic kills White Dragon in DC Comics.

White Dragon’s coup ends in disaster for the entire team. White Dragon mercilessly kills his former teammate Twister, which enrages fellow member, Plastique. She pierces his high-tech armor and kills him by creating an energy blast inside his suit.

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His death in suicide squad Issue #8 of the series’ 2007 volume would mark the end of this version of the character. A new version of White Dragon has yet to see the light of day in current DC Comics continuity, but possibly with his live-action appearance.

High Tech Armor

The William Hell White Dragon prepares to attack in DC Comics.

The defining feature of all DC Comics versions of White Dragon is his high-tech armor. This is carried over into the very faithful adaptation of Peacemaker, although there are differences. The armor gives White Dragon extra strength and stamina and in the Ducannon version, as she was able to channel her pyrokinetic ability to make her flames even more dangerous than they were to begin with.

The armor is essentially impenetrable, although Plastique exploited a weakness in the eye ports. The DCEU version appears to be a mix of armor and cloth, which means it’s probably not as invulnerable as the comic version.

Not to be confused with Marvel releases

White dragon attacks in Marvel Comics.

Fans looking for White Dragon in the comics may be confused by another version coming from Marvel. Marvel Comics has a few versions of White Dragon, and while they share a similar red and white color scheme, they’re completely different characters.

Perhaps the best-known version is the second, which debuted in The Amazing Spider-Man #184. He is an enforcer working for the Dragon Lords gang in New York and models his uniform on a Chinese dragon. He has fought with Spider-Man on several occasions as well as with Shang-Chi.

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